Go Overseas.Com Scholarship

GoOverseas.com Full Scholarships and DCU Partial Scholarships for Students from the USA!

Closing date 23 February 2018

GoOverseas.com in conjunction with the Irish Universities, have full scholarships on offer to students applying from the United States who are interested in a 'Semester of Study' at Undergraduate Level or a one year Masters Degree Post Graduate Programme.    Both scholarship types Include a round trip flight, tuition and a stipend to the Land of Saints and Scholars. So…. what are you waiting for? 

Apply through  https://www.gooverseas.com/scholarships/ireland by 23 February 2018

DCU is also offering 10 X €2000 Merit based Partial Scholarships at Masters Level to Go Overseas Scholarship Applicants
Plus 10 X €500 Merit based Partial Scholarships at single semester 'Study Abroad' at Undergraduate Level to Go Overseas Scolarship Applicants

Both DCU Scholarship types offer a tuition fee reduction only and do not include flights accommodation or stipend.

DCU USA Masters Scholarships

Students who apply through 'GoOverseas' for the full GoOverseas Scholarships (in conjunction with Education in Ireland) may also apply for one of ten €2000 DCU International Office Scholarships.  Once an application has been submitted through GoOverseas for the full scholarship and DCU has been selected, DCU will respond and include an online shortlising  application for the DCU Scholarship.  Students who meet the criteria will be asked to submit a full application through www.pac.ie/dcu.  An applicaton fee waiver code will be provided to allow selected students to apply through www.pac.ie/dcu free of charge (normal application fee is €50). 

Generally, holders of Bachelors and Masters Degrees with good grades from competitive Universities and Colleges in USA who wish to apply to DCU will be considered for entry to postgraduate degrees at DCU and may be eligible for one of ten x €2000 scholarships.  Candidates who have not received their degree results by the application closing date 23 February may still apply and can receive conditional offers based on the outcome of their degree.  DCU uses an online application procedure for postgraduate taught programmes via what is called the Postgraduate Application Centre (PAC). The website can be accessed at:


To apply for one of the scholarships, a full application must be submitted through PAC by shortlisted students.  Students select their top programme choices from  www.dcu.ie/courses/

The Masters Scholarships are merit based and will be ranked in accordance to overall programme applications. GPA  and programme type.  DCU’s decision is final.  The Scholarship will be paid through a fee reduction only.  Shortlisted applicants only will be notified by email shortly after the Go Overseas campaign closes. The winners who will have been invited to submit an application through www.pac.ie/dcu, will receive an offer letter outlining the original fee less the €2000.  Students with a GPA of 3.3 or higher on a 4.0 scale should be shortlisted (depending on their US University / College and statement). Additional scholarships may be available.  Students below this GPA (3.3) may be considered in accordance with overall application and number of entries.

DCU USA Study Abroad 'Semester' Scholarships

Students who apply through GoOverseas for the full GoOverseas scholarships (in conjunction with Education in Ireland) can also apply for one of ten €500 DCU International Office Direct Enroll Study Abroad semesters.  Once you apply through GoOverseas, DCU will respond and will send an online application form to apply.

Visit www.dcu.ie/international to learn about DCU's Study Abroad Programmes

A Minimum GPA of 3.3 on a 4.0 scale is required to apply to DCU's Study Abroad Scholarship Programme

Shortlisted applicants only will be notified and will be invited to submit a full application.  Winners will be based on assessment of the full application.  The shortlisted candidates will be notified as soon as possible after the closure of the GoOverseas campaign.

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