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2017/18 Scholarships for Graduate Students from Brasil - Extended to July 7th - Scholarships now closed and incomplete applications will not be considered.

There are 5 scholarships valued at €3000 open to students from Brasil.  Preference will be given to former DCU Science without Borders students in the first instance,and the remaining scholarships will be open to students meeting the criteria.  All scholarships are merit based.

If successful, the €3000 will be paid in the format of a fee reduction.on the full non EU fee.  Here is what you must do to apply:

Step 1 - Apply through the normal application route for DCU masters programmes through  www.pac.ie/dcu

Step 2 - Mention at the beginning of your application that you were a former DCU CSF student (Non CSF students are still welcome to apply)

Step 3 - If offer is made, accept 

Step 4 - Contact caroline.magee@dcu.ie

Step 5 - If scholarship application is successful, a scholarship offer letter will be issued to suitable applicants with terms and conditions

Step 6 - Students must pay €500 Euro deposit to hold place

Step 7 - Pay balance of fee less scholarship and deposit prior to commencement (date fee to be paid will be in offer letter).

As scholarships are merit based, you must present with a Título de Bacharel /Título de Licenciado qualification from a recognised university with very good grades and an overall grade above 7.5 tol be considered for the scholarship. We may consider a lower grade depending on the application and the number of applicants.

Take a look at our full time International programme listings from the link below and if you have any questions in relation to any aspect, contact caroline.magee@dcu.ie and who will be happy to assist.


The closing date for applications is July 05th. Extended to July 7th.

Successful applicants will be notified by email between end July and Mid August*.

Please note that students may also be eligible for a €1000 scholarship for programmes offered in the Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences and Engineering and Computing.  Applicants will automatically be considered for these additional scholarships.

* Subject to change