Non-EU Postgraduate Taught FAQ 2020

Non-EU Postgraduate Taught FAQ

October 2020 Entry

Will DCU offer Master’s degree programmes on-campus for October 2020?

Given the uncertainty of the current global pandemic, DCU is committed to keeping students on-track to achieve their educational goals.  Therefore, we are providing the option of “On Line / On Time” to students which will allow students to commence studies on specific programmes online in October 2020, and then proceed to join an on-campus cohort in January 2021 for semester 2 and the dissertation/practicum.  DCU is also operating a Hybrid model for certain programme, please refer to the list below for details.  In the Hybrid model classes will be delivered online at the start of the academic year and, where public health allows, small group activities such as tutorials and group work.  We will endeavour to move additional activities to on campus/in class as conditions allow.  Details of the Hybrid model can be viewed here Upon successful completion of this programme, students will graduate in December 2021.

Is the Pre-Sessional English programme (5 and 10 week programmes) being offered on-campus prior to October 2020 entry?

For 2020, due to current government restrictions in place as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic,our pre-sessional courses will be delivered online.

The online pre-sessional will be delivered using a mixture of face to face online lessons and directed study. Students will interact with their teacher and classmates on a daily basis using online learning platforms/virtual learning environment.  The same support and access to your tutor will be available with opportunities for one to one interaction.

All resources will be provided digitally.  Students will still submit homework assignments and occasional project work with their classmeates using online learning platforms/virtual learning environment.

Is the 2 Semester International Foundation Progamme (IFP) being offered on campus from October 2020?

For Semester 1 of the DCU IFP for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes, the first Semester will be delivered online.  It is expected that students will then move to Semester 2 on campus.  Any student who may not be in a position to commence the programme in September will have the option to defer the start of the programme to January/February 2021 start if they prefer. 

All students will continue to benefit from a mixed delivery mode and will have access to both academic and welfare supports throughout their online experience.  Further information on the programme can be obtained through this link  DCU IFP .

All resources for the online Semester will be provided digitally. Students will still submit coursework assignments and occasional project work with their classmates.

What mode of delivery are programmes being delivered through for Semester One 2020?

Dublin City University Business School

  • On Line/ On Time & Hybrid students can choose either but should inform the International Office of their decision.

    • DC 506 - MSc Electronic Commerce (Business)

    • DC 510 - MSc Management (Business)

    • DC 511 - MSc Finance

    • DC 514 - MSc Management (Strategy)

    • DC 516 - Digital Marketing

    • DC 525 - MSc in Management (Aviation Leadership)

    • DC 526 - MSc International Accounting and Business

    • DC 632 - MSc Human Resource Management

    • DC 527 - MSc Global Management 

  • Hybrid Only

    • DC 501 - MSc Accounting

Faculty of Engineering and Computing

  • On Line/ On Time ONLY

    • DC 833 - MEng Electronic and Computer Engineering (All options)

    • DC 836 - MSc Computing (All options)
    • DC 896 - MSc Electronic and Computer Technology

  • On Line/ On Time & Hybrid

    • DC786 - MA Data Protection and Privacy Law

    • DC814 - MSc Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Faculty of Science and Health

  • On Line/On Time & Hybrid

    • DC 735 - MSc Bioprocess Engineering

    • DC 704 - MSc Financial Mathematics

    • DC 739 - MSc Diagnostics and Precision Medicine

  • Hybrid Only

    • DC765 - MSc Psychology and Well-being 

    • DC767 - MSc Psychology (Conversion)

Faculty of Humanities and Social Science

  • On Line/On Time & Hybrid

    • DC 606 - MSc in Science and Health Communications

    • DC 608 - MA in International Relations

    • DC 614 - MA in Social Media Communication

    • DC 629 - MA in International Security and Conflict Studies

    • DC 631 - MA in Political Communication

    • DC 648 - MSc Public Policy

    • DC 662 - LLM (Master of Laws)

    • DC 669 - MSc in Climate Change: Policy, Media and Society

    • DC 697 - MA in European Law and Policy

    • DC 674 - MSc in Public Relations and Stratgeic Communications

  • Hybrid Only

    • DC600 - MA Jounalism

    • DC605 - MSc Emerging Media

  • The following programmes are being offered fully online only for the 2020/21 academic year 

    • DC 700 - MSc in Translation Technology

    • DC 663 - MA in Refugee Integration

    • DC 615 - MA in Translation Studies

Institute of Education

  • Hybrid Only

    • DC980 - Chaplanicy studies and Pastoral Work

When will classes begin for OnLine/OnTime and Hybrid classes  for 2020?

DCU are planning to commence classes as close to the academic calendar for 2020/21 as possible. The 2020/21 Academic Calendar will be undated as decisions by the University. The confirmed start date is Monday 5th of October 2020.

Are any programmes starting in February 2021?

DC 891 MEng Electronic and Computer Engineering offers a February start date for qualified students.  If you hold an offer for this programme and would like to defer to the February intake, please feel free to let the International Office know at

What if my programme is not listed?

If you hold an offer for a programme not currently listed as an “On Line / On Time”  or in Hybrid mode course, you can speak to the International Office about any alternative programmes that might be suitable for you.  Alternatively, we will be happy to defer your accepted conditional or full offer to October 2021.  If you choose to defer, you will need to contact us, so we can process your deferral.  Please also make sure to check back as some programmes may still be added to the list.  

On successful completion, will my “On Line/ On Time” or Hybrid qualification be recognised internationally?

Yes, all DCU Programmes are recognised both nationally and internationally.

What if I hold a conditional Offer?

I am a conditional offer holder, what if I will not get my results on time for the October 2020 start?

Students will need to meet all conditions of their offer prior to the commencement of the programme.  If you are unable to present your qualifications in time, we can defer your admission to September 2021.

How do I accept my offer?

All applicants who hold a conditional or full offer for one of the programmes listed above are eligible for “On Time / Online” or Hybrid delivery where appropriate.  Students must accept their offer on PAC and pay their €500 deposit by 15th August, 2020 in order to confirm their place.  Students will still be required to meet the conditions of their offer prior to the commencement of studies. Due to the changing nature of this years process, which includes the late opening of Visa Offices and delays in results being issued DCU is working to be as flexible as possible in order to ensure students can continue their studies with us.

How will I pay my fees?

All students will need to have evidence of payment of at least 50% of their Gross Fee in order to apply for their Visa.  All students, whether Hybrid or Online/On Time, must apply for their visa prior to registering for their programme.   

Hybrid option: you will need to pay full fees prior to commencing their programme. Full fees must be paid before commencing classes at DCU on the 5th of October.

On Line/On Time: for 2020 a phased payment option is available and students will be required to pay 60% of their fees Gross before the 5th of October and the commencement of their online studies.  They will pay the remaining 40% prior to arriving on campus for Semester 2.  Any Scholarship or Bursary will be applied to the Semester 2 payment.

Fees can be paid through a variety of methods, and more detailed information can be found here

Am I required to Quarantine when I arrive in Ireland?

The advice from the Health Service Executive is that students will need to restrict their movements for the first 14 days after arriving in Ireland.  This means that students will normally stay within their accommodation and should only go outside for exercise or for essential activities such as shopping.

DCU Rooms are providing the option to stay on campus for this period of time at a cost of €210 per week. Any enquiries should be directed to

Are there any discounts available?

The University has agreed that they will offer a €1000 bursary for students undertaking an “On Line / On Time” programme in October 2020.  

I have been awarded a DCU Scholarship (i.e. Merit, Humanities Bursary), can I defer my scholarship to September 2021?

Yes, if you have been awarded a DCU scholarship for October 2020 and you choose to defer your offer until September 2021, your scholarship can still be applied.

Will there be an orientation?

Yes, information concerning online orientation for September will be provided to all offer holders in August 2020.  

Additionally, students will be required to participate in an on-campus orientation prior to the start of Semester 2 in January 2021.  We will provide further information on the dates of Orientation, airport pickup times, etc. as it becomes available.

What will I need to participate in the “On Time / Online” programmes?

Students will need to ensure that they have access to a stable broadband internet connection for the duration of their studies.  They will also need to make sure that they have dedicated space and time for study and lectures. You will be expected to adhere to the course timetable and completion of assignments.

Students who need to access the DCU network will be provided with a VPN. 

What if I need a student visa?

The University is working very closely with colleagues in government and the visa offices to ensure a smooth process for students.  Many Visa offices are now open, please check for updates on the Website of your local Visa office for current information on appointments. 

Will my Duolingo English test be accepted as an approved test by Immigration Officials?

Yes, we have received confirmation that the Visa Division of the Department of Justice has approved the use of the Duolingo test for visa purposes on an exceptional basis for 2020/2021 only.

Am I still eligible for the 1G visa?

Yes, as you will have completed a Level 9 degree (Masters degree) at an Irish institution, you will still be eligible to apply for the 1G visa after graduation.  This will provide you with the opportunity to work in Ireland for a period up to 24 months. 

Will I be able to work part-time when I come to Dublin?

Qualifying students have the option of working for up to 20 hours per week during Semester 2 and for up to 40 hours per week during non teaching weeks.

What if I don’t want to study “On Time / Online”?

If you are not interested in studying through this model and a Hybrid option is not available, we would be happy to defer your accepted conditional or full offer until September 2021.  It is essential that you accept your offer on PAC and pay the deposit in order for DCU to process the deferral.  Any fees or deposits will be credited toward the 2021-2022 academic year.

The deferral is not automatic, and you need to contact us to process your deferral. 

Will DCU Accommodation be available for arrival in January 2021?  

Yes, DCU Rooms will still have availability for incoming students in January 2021, but this is limited.  We will share information concerning the application process to students in August.