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DCU’s international students share their stories

Discover how Sindhu Chandrasekaran, now a journalist with the New Indian Express in Chennai, enjoyed her time studying for an MA in Journalism at DCU.

Sumair Rajvansh completed an MSc in Management in DCU and now works as a sales and marketing manager in Delhi. Learn why he believes DCU is "the heart of Dublin" .



DCU International Office - Vish Gain
All Irish universities offer fantastic opportunities for international students to broaden their world view and hone their skills. DCU in particular has undergone immense growth over the past years and is now a hub for international education in Ireland. 

It has an environment that fosters independence and development, a huge range of clubs and societies, a highly accomplished cohort of faculty members and teaching staff, a strong reputation in Irish industry, and most importantly, a diverse community of driven students from all over the world. If you’re coming here, get ready to be challenged. You won’t be leaving with just a degree.

Vish Gain, India
MA in Journalism 2019/2020



DCU International Office
I was fortunate to receive a full scholarship to study for my Masters in Ireland. I chose to study at DCU, as it has a great reputation for engineering professionals. After I completed the course, I felt like I evolved professionally and personally, and that this course had done a great job of preparing me for my engineering career.

Duong Nguyen Khanh Nam, Vietnam
MEng in Electronic and Computer Engineering, 2018/2019



DCU International Office
DCU has a reputation for providing the highest quality education. The courses and modules are designed to match the current dynamics of the world. The MSc in Management (Strategy) had interesting modules designed so an individual comes out as a business professional. And the course is ranked in the top five management courses in Europe.

Furthermore, when applying to DCU, I talked to a lot of alumni through LinkedIn and all of them had positive thoughts about DCU. They mentioned how the international office is so helpful. DCU has great activities all year round and also an amazing campus with an extraordinary library. All these aspects made me choose DCU for my studies and that was by far the best decision I have made.

Akanksha Hariom Puniyani, India
MSc in Management (Strategy) 2019/2020


DCU International Office

“Studying at DCU gave me a lot of opportunities and played a huge role in what I have become today. I had an opportunity to intern with the United Nations as part of my programme: that was a remarkable experience for me. 

“I also got the inspiration to start up my NGO (the African Rural Community Development Initiative) after taking a course in politics and development in Africa, it inspired me to want to do more for my community. I thank my lecturers and DCU’s international community for the wonderful experience.”

Ngozi Nora Onyechere-Agwu, Nigeria 
MA in International Relations, 2008/2009


DCU International Office

If you want to experience a good culture, a good working environment, a good place to start your career, then this the right place to kickstart your dreams and ambitions. DCU has a wide variety of disciplines in every field. As a current student, I would recommend people to join this community and experience what it feels like to be at DCU.

Prateek Ramesh Sakaray, India
Masters in Computing (Data Analytics) 2019/2020

DCU International Office"DCU campus is beautiful and all the various activities available in DCU made it a special experience for me. The clubs, societies and activities makes DCU a whole package for students and make college life smooth and easy-going. Though my course was only for a year, the experience was great.

Nikhil Mittal, India

Masters in Computing (Data Analytics) 2019/2020