Study Abroad Consumer Information

Consumer Information and Links for Study Abroad Students

Students are advised to be aware of the information contained in the following tabs:

Registry offer many services however Study Abroad student registration is handled by the International Office.  Once registered, students must ensure they understand the examinations procedure and university policy.  Please visit Registry Website for information.

  Student Support and Development

For information on the many services including the following, please visit the Resources and Services page  on the Website

  • Chaplaincy
  • Student Counselling Service
  • Disability Service
  • Health Centre (Doctors and Medical)
  Facilities and Services available to Students with Disabilities

The DCU Disability and Learning Support Service co-ordinate a range of supports for students who are registered with the servive to ensure they have equity of access to their studies.  For information on facilities and services available, please visit DCU’s Disability and Learning Support Service.

  Intellectual Property at DCU

For information on Intellectual Property at DCU, visit the section on this area in the DCU Research Site.

  Drugs and Alcohol Abuse Prevention

Please see our Alcohol Policy at DCU.  The University operates a clear ‘no drugs’ policy and offenders will be subject to disciplinary procedures.

Visit also

  Emmergency & Missing Persons Protocol

See our Emergency Procedures

DCU takes a community approach to promote personal safety for all students, staff and visitors through awareness, partnership and prevention. In order to ensure a safe and secure environment in DCU, everybody is encouraged to play their part in looking out for their own safety and for the safety of others.

The Health and Safety Office offers support to the university community in the event of an emergency, security incident, or similar on campus.

The purpose of the Health and Safety Office is to provide advice and assistance on all aspects of Health & Safety to the DCU community and in doing so maintain the University in good standing in relation to Health & Safety legislative obligations and national and international best practice.

Visit their Website for information and contact the 24 Hour DCU Emergency Number in the event of an emergency:

+353 1 700 5999 (External) 5999 (Internal)

Security Issues
  • In emergency call 5999 (Internal)
  • Control Centre call 8990 (internal)

The Control Centre is located in the Multistorey Car Park at the entrance opposite DCU Reception Office.

Students are encouraged to download the 'safezone' app

  Student Privacy

Please visit the Chief Operating Officers page for University Policy on Data Protection.  The International office also ensures that all relevant parties are aware of any potential data sharing and relevant parties are asked to sign a disclosure form.

Dublin City University will provide information published by the US Department of Education to students at any time that information regarding loan availability is requested, including the rights and responsibilities of students and schools under Title IV HEA (Higher Education Act) loan programs.


DCU has tried to give students an early opportunity to begin their research of student funding and provides personalised email information at initial enquiry also. Although every effort has been made to ensure that information provided is both helpful to prospective candidates and accurate at the time of its publication, it is possible that some information may be outdated or superseded before the start of the academic year.