Study abroad: Which modules can you choose?

If you are coming to DCU to study for a semester or a year, you can choose accredited modules from our five study abroad streams, which broadly match our five faculties. 

Choose one stream below -- it should be the stream that most closely matches your major. You can then download a list of module choices for that stream. Make sure you review the module choice checklist below and the more detailed guidelines.

Study abroad module choices (subject to change)

Download the module choices for the study abroad stream that interests you.

(Incoming Spring Semester Students - please note that since the listing were uploaded, some information has changed which is not reflected in lists.  Changes relate to CA/Exam component - be sure to check the breakdown at the start of lectures.  In addition, for Semester Two 2020/2021, ENXXX modules will not run with the exception of EN321 which is now at capacity).  Please email if you have questions).

Exams or continuous assessment

If one of your Semester 1 (autumn/fall) module choices is assessed by exam, that exam may take place in January and you must sit it to gain the credit for the module. 

If you are only coming for Semester 1 and don’t plan to stay until January, ensure all your modules are marked by continuous assessment. On the module lists for each stream, all 100% continuous assessment classes (CA) classes are highlighted in green. 

Module choice checklist

  • The modules you select should total between 20 and 30 ECTS credits for each semester. 
  • Decide if you want to limit your Semester 1 choices to modules assessed by continuous assessment or if you are prepared to stay in Dublin until January to sit exams.
  • Check if the modules you choose have prerequisites/corequisites, which is especially likely with science and engineering modules.  
  • Ensure you have at least eight to 10 modules pre-approved by your home university before you come to DCU as modules are subject to availability. 
  • Make sure you receive confirmation of your module choices from the study abroad team, who will register them for you. 
  • Remember that modules can change up to the first week of each semester, so check the available choices again before you arrive as there may be new modules listed. 

Changing your module choice

You may change your module choices when you arrive at DCU by using this online form.

DCU International Office