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As an international student we know it is a big decision to choose a programme of study at Dublin City University (DCU).   We will do all we can to help you from initial enquiry right through to graduation should you study with us.  DCU is one of the best young universities in the world as evidenced by our consistent ranking in the Times Higher Education Top 100 Under 50. You will gain great work and life experience as many of our degrees include an internship or research project with industry. The sooner you apply, the easier you will find the application process. You will need to meet entry requirements and an early offer will help with your success rate / accommodation needs and will allow planning time for moving away from home.

Students from the USA and Canada do not require a visa and simply register with the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) shortly after arrival.  

DCU is registered with the US Department of Education to administer US Federal Direct Loans so students may avail of Stafford Loans for the duration of certain Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes while in DCU.


Entry Requirements

Academic Entry Requirements for USA and Canada


Step One - Identify available programmes via our Programme Listings website - https://www.dcu.ie/courses/index.shtml?del=undergraduate

Step Two - See Entry Requirements by visiting USA and Canada Entry Requirements

Successful students can directly enter Year 1 from the USA and Canada if one of the following has been studied:

  • High School Diploma - see additional information below

  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma - Mathematics and English must have been studied. Maths Studies is not accepted.

Step Three - Apply by completing the Direct Entry Application form and submit to DCU's International Office (see application form for address).

Our team will assess your application as soon as possible and the outcome for straightforward applications (when all tranripts are included) is normally known within a matter of weeks when possible.  Students who have not yet completed their high school studies may still apply.  A conditional offer may be made in this situation and a full offer upgrade when condition has been met.

Taught Masters

Holders of Bachelors, and Masters degrees with good grades from competitive Universities and Colleges in the US and Canada will be considered for entry to postgraduate degrees at DCU.

Other Entry Requirements: Please note that some programmes will have different/additional entry requirements (e.g. interview, sample piece of writing).

Full programme details are in our Master’s Listings

See USA and Canada Entry Requirements

Apply to DCU by mid-July through the Postgraduate Application Portal

Research and PhD

You can apply at any time to be a researcher at DCU; there are no closing dates.

There are opportunities for students from the US to apply as research students, either as part of a Master's degree through research or as a PhD candidate. Visit the individual Faculty / School homepages for details on research interests. 

Entry guidelines below:

  • Master’s degree by Research: Honours Bachelor degree with a high grade.
  • PhD-track: taught Master’s degree or an Honours Bachelor degree with a high grade.

  • PhD: Candidates must hold a Master’s degree by Research. 

For advice on finding a supervisor, how to apply, funding and scholarship opportunities, visit the DCU Graduate Studies Office.  You can apply at any time to be a researcher at DCU; there are no closing dates.

Scholarships for the USA

Scholarships open to USA students for Academic Year 2018/19

Scholarship Title

Student Type Eligibility


Further Information

Mitchell Scholars Program

  • USA Undergraduates in Final Year of Bachelor Program or
  • Graduates from the USA interested in the pursuit of a One Year Masters Programs

DCU are proud to have welcomed a number of Scholars to DCU through the prestigious Mitchell Scholarship Program.  The Program is sponsored by the US-Ireland Alliance and is designed to introduce and connect generations of future American leaders to the island of Ireland, while recognising and fostering intellectual achievement, leadership, and a commitment to community and public service.




Fulbright Scholarship

  • USA Undergraduates in Final Year of Bachelor Program or
  • Graduates from the USA interested in the pursuit of a One Year Masters Programs

Fulbright US student awards enable US graduate students to spend one academic year studying or researching in Ireland.



Generation Study Abroad Scholarship

  • Undergraduates in Final Year of Bachelor Program
  • Graduates from the USA interested in One Year Masters Programs and
  • Undergraduates in at least year two of their studies wishing to spend a Semester overseas


USA students can apply for a full scholarship to undertake a full one year Master’s Program in Ireland.  The full degree is coordinated by GoOverseas.com in conjunction with Education in Ireland.  DCU is also offering 10 x €500 Semester only Scholarships and 10 X €2000 scholarships towards a Full Taught Master’s Program (terms and conditions apply – self funding Non EU Fee paying students only).

Deadline for application 23 February 2018



Victory Scholarships

  • Student Athletes or Students interested in Sports management currently at Undergraduate level in Final Year of their program
  • Graduate (Athletes) from the USA or those interested in Sports Management  interested in One Year Masters Programs

Sport Changes Life has developed a not for profit charitable foundation providing a Graduate Development Scholarship Program to create international educational opportunities for both student-athletes and students with an interest in the management of sport. This program, called Victory Scholarships, assists the very best students in obtaining a scholarship package to study Master’s Degree level programs in Universities in Northern Ireland and Ireland. These graduates will be the future leaders of companies throughout Corporate America and will have experienced the 'new and true' Northern Ireland as a safe, open and untapped resource.


Naughton Fellowships Scholarship

(Notre Dame Students only)

  • Notre Dame STEM Undergraduates in Final Year of their program or Graduates from the USA interested in One Year Masters Programs

The Naughton Fellowship for Master's students provides the opportunity for an aspiring graduate student to experience an immersive year abroad, in Ireland. This competitive program is designed to allow future leaders in a STEM field to pursue an advanced degree while also building international relationships and collaborations.

Students at the University of Notre Dame can choose from a diverse number of STEM-related Master's programs across four major research universities in Ireland, including Dublin City University.


DCU Past Exchange / Study Abroad Scholarships

  • Undergraduates in Final Year of their program or
  • Graduates from the USA interested in One Year Masters Programs

Applicants will have studied at DCU in the past either through a Study Abroad semester or a Full Year or for a semester or Full year through a DCU Exchange Program.

Any returning Study Abroad or Exchange student from the USA applying to DCU One Year Taught Masters Programs as a NON EU student are eligible for a €2000 tuition fee scholarship off the NON EU Fee only (self-funding students only).


Government of Ireland Scholarships*

2018 Entry

  • Undergraduates in Final Year of Program or
  • Graduates from the USA interested in the pursuit of a One Year Masters Programs
  • USA DCU applicants in receipt of a full or Conditional offer for a One Year Taught Master’s Program.

Deadline for applications from individual applicants is 5pm on Friday 23 March 2018(Irish time).

*DCU level of participation to be confirmed.



All queries should be directed to GOI-IES2018@hea.ie

DCU – USA Queries – international.office@dcu.ie



Continuing Undergraduate Students

  • Prospective DCU Undergraduates who plan to also undertake a Master’s Program as part of their Study in Ireland Experience

Students studying at DCU on Full Undergraduate Bachelor Programs wishing to progress onto One Year Taught Masters Programs upon graduation  may be eligible for EU fees for their One Year Masters Programs


DCU International Merit Based Scholarships

  • Undergraduate students in Final Year of Program or Graduates from the USA interested in the pursuit of a One Year Masters Programs

All USA Masters Level applicants in receipt of a full offer may be eligible for a €2000 scholarship. (For self-funding NON EU fee paying students only).



DCU and Your Country 

Visa requirements

Citizens of the USA require a visa to study in Ireland. It is necessary to register with the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) shortly after arrival. Full immigration information is available from the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service 

Visits to Your Country

The International Office team and professors travel regularly to meet with students interested in studying at DCU. You may have already met us at education exhibitions and events. Check here regularly or follow us on social media to find out when we are next in your region.


DCU has relationships with leading research and education institutions across the world however it is strategically partnered with  Arizona State University in the USA.

DCU and Arizona State University

In September 2013, DCU and Arizona State University (ASU) agreed a Transatlantic Higher Education Partnership, which focuses on major initiatives to promote research and enterprise.  One initiative is the world’s first International School of Biomedical Diagnostics in partnership with Ventana Medical Systems. Some 400 researchers at 16 health-focused research centres (11 at ASU, five at DCU) will get to collaborate.

DCU and ASU will also develop joint programmes in student entrepreneurship. These will have a global perspective and link with international partners. There will be a focus on ‘global grand challenges’, especially in the developing world.

Other linkage agreements in the USA include (links below are to Study Abroad Programs):

Contact us

Our dedicated team has experience supporting international students who want to attend DCU. We are here to help you all year by email and phone.

E: international.office@dcu.ie

T: +353 1 700 7411



Students and Alumni


We have many alumni from the USA and Canada  including Mitchell Scholarship Students and students at Masters and Undergraduate level.

Ms Elise Marion, Graduate from DCU’s MA in Comparative Literature -  Class of 2014

“I came to Ireland to undertake a master’s degree in comparative literature, and it was everything that I hoped it would be. Studying at DCU was definitely different from the Canadian university where I did my undergraduate studies, first off because of the size. 

McMaster University has a student population of almost 30,000 students, which is three times the size of DCU. Smaller universities mean that you have smaller classes, and more one-on-one time with your professors. 

I have never had such personal and constructive academic relationships as the ones I formed at DCU, and would not hesitate to study there again. 

Like all universities, there are a number of clubs, teams, and fitness programs to explore. I personally joined the Hiking Club, which led us on trails all around the beautiful landscapes of Ireland. 

Getting involved with university programs is an amazing way to relieve the stress of academics, as is exploring the city of Dublin with your fellow students. With a pub on (almost) every corner, amazing Irish food, and beautiful shops, you will always find something to do on a day/night out.

I am so proud and honored to be a graduate of Dublin City University!”

Student testimonials

See USA and Canada Entry Requirements and Testimonials

Izette Kelly - BA in Global Business (France Stream) Year 2 2015/16

“My course (Global Business and French Undergraduate) is filled with people who all have extremely similar interests. Never before had I stood in a room of people so similar to me in my whole life.  One of my favorite things about studying at DCU is how close it is to the city center.  My close friends and I definitely took advantage of this to a point where some weeks we were in every day! ] There are plenty of things to do on the DCU campus and there are thousands of things to do in the city.

Whenever we needed a break from normal college life, we would go into town, choose a cute new coffee shop or frozen yogurt place, and do our work. Even if we didn’t have any work to do, I really got to know some of my best friends by going on our adventures in the city.

A lot of people who go to DCU don’t take advantage of the fact that the city is so close, and I think that’s kind of sad!

I love being at DCU, but when you have such a culturally rich and beautiful city so close, I think it’s important to take time to visit it!”