Before You Go

Going on Exchange from DCU?

DCU International Office

If you’re planning to go overseas for a year or a semester on Erasmus+ or another exchange or study abroad programme, make sure you read this page carefully and complete each step.


Read the Erasmus+ Student Charter

The Erasmus+ Student Charter is required reading for students planning on participating in the Erasmus+ programme. It aims to adequately inform you, the participant, of your entitlements and obligations and ensure the successful implementation of your mobility.


Review the Outgoing Student Handbook

The DCU Exchange Student Handbook  is a comprehensive reference for students going on Exchange.


Use GoinGlobal Guides

Use the GoinGlobal country and city guides to research your destination.



Know your key contacts for Exchange/Erasmus+ programmes

For administrative purposes, contact

For academic purposes, contact your DCU Academic Co-ordinator and the Academic Coordinator at your host university.

Get health, travel and repatriation insurance

You must have an EHIC card valid for your term abroad.

You must have repatriation insurance (see the handbook for more information).

You should consider travel and private health insurance, which you can buy from any provider.

Download or request all the documents you'll need 

You can download a full checklist of the process and the documents you need to complete here.

Key documents include:

    • Helpful video on the Learning Agreement

Understand the grants process and plan your finances 

The HEA provides grant funding to EU Exchange students to assist with additional costs of studying abroad. This should not be relied upon for living expenses.

The Erasmus grant does not affect other grants you may be entitled to. The value of the grant is determined by the country of study and the length of stay as per the certificate of attendance form.         

  • Study Mobility Funding Table per Country
  • Grant Agreement (will be provided to students by the Exchange office for signing)
  • Grant Acknowledgement Form (will be provided to students for signing by the Exchange office once all funding has been paid) 


This Erasmus grant does not affect other grants to which you may be entitled. The value of the grant depends on which country you’ll be studying in and the duration of your stay (as on your certificate of attendance form).         

  • Study Mobility Funding Table per Country
  • Grant Agreement (the Exchange office will give you this to sign) 
  • Grant Acknowledgement Form (the Exchange office will give you this to sign once all funding has been paid) 




While You’re Abroad

Get language support 

You can use Erasmus+ Online Language Support while abroad (OLS). You can watch an explanatory video here. 

 Plan to be safe while abroad

DCU and many of our partner universities have signed up to SafeZone.  We strongly encourage students to register with the app before travelling. 

Irish embassies keep a list of expatriate citizens in case of emergency. Sign up for Citizen Registration if you wish your presence in your host country to be noted.


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