DCU INTRA Employer Survey of Student Performance


Thank you for providing our student(s) with a wonderful opportunity to complete their INTRA work placement with your company this year.  We would very much appreciate your feedback on their performance.  Your evaluation of their performance will form part of the student's assessment for the INTRA module. 

Questions Excellent
Always demonstrates this attribute/always exceeds expectations
Very Good
Usually demonstrates this attribute/usually exceeds expectations
Sometimes demonstrates this attribute/meets expectations
Seldom demonstrates this attribute/rarely meets expectations
Never demonstrates this attribute/does not meet expectations
Contributes to a good working team atmosphere; pulls weight in teams; motivates colleagues to complete tasks and projects
Attention to detail; minimal errors; can be relied upon to complete tasks accurately
Clear, concise and accurate written communications; proper use of grammar and correct spelling; proficient and confident verbal interactions and presentations
Takes initiative where appropriate; seeks new and better ways to complete tasks; adaptable and willing to pursue new ideas; approaches tasks in an analytical and creative manner
Adept at applying knowledge to problems or issues and finding solutions
Displays potential for, or volunteers to lead tasks/projects/teams; takes initiative to effect change; demonstrates ability to motivate, influence and engage others
Please rank the students overall performance
Q2 This question applies to Aviation Management (AMPS), Business Studies (BS), Global Business (EB) and Marketing Innovation & Technology (MINT) only. DCU Business School seeks to develop students collaborative skills with an emphasis on being effective team members who achieve shared goals by successfully connecting, collaborating and leading in work settings. Based on your experience of working with the student, please indicate how you would rank the student's collaborative skills, using the following scale
Q5 Please rank your satisfaction level with the DCU INTRA programme
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