INTRA Employer Testimonials

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Emma Duggan, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Merck

"Recruiting talented students from DCU is always a priority for MSD each year. We hire over 70 interns and 25 Graduates on an ongoing basis and DCU’s INTRA partnership is considered a key strategic partnership both academically and practically within Industry. Our focus at MSD is to attract and retain diverse early career program and DCU’s INTRA work placement programme certainly provides this for our Industry.  More importantly, we value this programme and see us working in partnership with DCU that enables us becoming a change agent giving those selected an opportunity to learn and innovate within the pharmaceutical industry. DCU is one of our key partnership colleges.  The college is very supportive and provides a clearly defined process making it easy to engage.  We have successfully hired 32 in 2022 across all our sites and value this partnership into the future.  DCU provide courses such as Biotechnology, Bio Chemistry & Bio Medical Engineering which are an excellent fit for our business and provide value each year".


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General Motors

Paul Bester, People Leader & Manager, General Motors

“DCU has become our primary and preferred talent pipeline. We have hosted a large quantity of Internships over the past 4 years and extended offers for full-time employment to almost every one of those students after graduation. The quality and attitude of DCU graduates are second to none. The speed at which CASE and EC students become independent engineers is extremely impressive and they demonstrate the three foundational attitudes that underpins innovation – being curious, being creative and being autodidactic. DCU’s INTRA Programme, under the excellent leadership of Maeve Long, is a very efficient programme that is evidently well resourced as the process from proactively requesting Job Specs from the employer all the way through to scheduling interviews and selecting candidates is flawless, year on year. Very professional and responsive operation”.

Revenue Commissioners

Revenue Commissioners 

Darren Morgan, HR, ICT&L Division, Revenue Commissioners

"As an organization that has participated in the DCU INTRA programme, we can confidently say that it has had a tremendously positive impact on our organization. Through the programme, we have had the opportunity to work with talented and motivated students who bring fresh perspectives and ideas to our team.The DCU INTRA programme has provided us with access to a pool of highly qualified candidates who are eager to gain practical experience and contribute to our organization. This has allowed us to build a diverse and dynamic team that is capable of tackling complex challenges and driving innovation. Furthermore, the programme has allowed us to establish valuable relationships with DCU faculty and staff, which has helped to strengthen our ties with the academic community. We have been able to leverage these relationships to identify new opportunities for collaboration and to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in our field. Overall, working with the DCU INTRA programme has been a truly rewarding experience for our organization. We look forward to continuing our partnership with DCU and to helping shape the next generation of talented professionals in our field".

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Emma Shanahan, Talent Acquisition Business Partner, Stryker

"The Integrated Masters Programmes in DCU's INTRA work placement programme have been immensely successful partnering with Stryker. This partnership provides the student, as part of their college studies, the experience of working in a regulated medical device company. There is a large scope of project work that the student has the opportunity to experience within this placement, and the longer placement duration of 10 months, offered by DCU INTRA work placement programme, allows the student to see direct results during the placement. This differs from the traditional 6-8 month placement where the student has time to start project work, and complete training but does not see the impact of the results during the placement. The standard of student from the DCU INTRA work placement programme is exceptional, and we are proud to partner with them to ensure the development of our early talent pipeline within Stryker".