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Head Start Programme

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The Head Start programme offers incoming mature students the space to focus on transitioning to third level life.

This transition involves many exciting opportunities but can also offer some challenges both academically and personally. The programme was designed and created by the Mature Student Office and Student Support & Development in DCU.   

As participants work through the Head Start programme they identify areas of strength, explore where they can improve, learn about the academic and digital skills required for university, and discover how to access the support they require.

The Head Start Programme has 6 courses

  • Course 1: My Head Start
  • Course 2: Learning at University
  • Course 3: Academic Writing 
  • Course 4: Introduction to Technology 
  • Course 5: Maths Refresher
  • Course 6: Your next steps


Each course takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

The programme is self-directed online learning with in-person workshops taking place early in September. Once you have registered in DCU you will have access to the six courses.