Faculty of Engineering and Computing
Centre for Medical Engineering Research

The Centre for Medical Engineering Research (MEDeng), a key research centre at Dublin City University is focused on translating engineering and materials research into healthcare solutions.  The centre has six overarching research themes based at the interface of materials science, engineering and biology - providing the underpinning fundamental research to facilitate the stratified clinical and industrial framework for the development of medical devices and implants for tissue repair and regeneration.

1. Design and Manufacture of Medical Devices
2. Biomaterials and Drug Delivery Systems
3. Surface Engineering and Coating Technology
4. Biomechanics
5. Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
6. Clinical Orthopaedics

The MEDeng Centre is a multidisciplinary research network that brings academic, industrial and clinical communities together with the purpose of pioneering advancesin medical engineering for global wellbeing.