Annual Report 2001 - Buildings Office

annual report 2001

buildings office

Unit Report
Director: Mr Ciaran O'Kelly

  • Ongoing development of INSITE Computerised Facilities Management System.
  • Ongoing Development of Buildings Office Webpage Helpdesk System. Website includes staff information, policy documents, lost property section and links to Buildings Office Helpdesk.
  • Ongoing development of the staff identification and access control system and further development of CCTV and security systems.

During the year under review the Buildings Office continued to provide a full range of services to the university including the maintenance of buildings and grounds, security, portering and provision for health and safety. The Buildings Office has also been actively involved in the planning and construction of the following new building projects:

1. Business Innovation Centre
2. Arts Centre / Aula Maxima
3. Research / Engineering Facility
4. Faculty of Science & Health (Block 4)
5. Ring Road

The following new buildings were completed:

1. R&D Extension
2. Library / Information Resource Centre
3. Multi-Storey Car Park
4. Student Centre / Hub
5. Sports Pavilion at St. Clare's
6. Post Graduate Student Housing