Annual Report 2001 - Communications and Marketing Office

annual report 2001

communications and marketing office

Director: Eilis O'Brien
Unit Report

The Office was established in February 2001. Its primary aim is to support the objectives set out in the strategic plan largely through raising awareness of the university in its corporate, research and teaching capacities.

The functional areas of the office are subdivided into:

  • Marketing
  • Information
  • Media relations
  • Alumni
  • Student recruitment

In conjunction with the launch of the strategic plan - Leading change - the office developed a new corporate identity reflecting the modern image of the university. Full implementation of the new identity, including secondary branding and guidelines was rolled out across the university.

The office was directly involved in the promotion of a number of events including the launch of the strategic plan by the Taoiseach, Mr Bertie Ahern and the official opening of Invent. The office handles all media relations including publicity for major events.

The alumni office had been vacant for a period of time and the appointment of a new alumni officer in February resulted in a fresh start. Apart from devising a series of programmes and activities aimed at improving contact and increasing the affinity between the university and graduates, the office began publication of University View, a six-monthly magazine for alumni and friends of the university.

As part of the marketing activities the office took over the function of student recruitment. An officer was appointed in September 2001 to take over the liaison with secondary schools function and to support the development of links with other student groups.