Annual Report 2001 - Conferences / Seminars / Short Courses / Other events held at the University

annual report 2001

conferences / seminars / short courses / other events held at the university

Joint Faculty of Humanities

School of Applied Language and Intercultural Studies
Bruen J
"Lifelong Language Learning", 40 participants. Organised by the Irish Association of Applied Linguistics, 2 December, 2000.

Freitag B
'Odysseys' IASIL 2001 (International Association for Irish Literature) 30 July - 4 August 2001.

Le Jeuz B
An international conference on the theme Clergés et cultures populaires was held in DCU, 14-16 June 2001. The organisers were Jean-Philippe Imbert & Brigitte Le Juez, on behalf of the Centre of Intercultural Studies in SALIS. This conference was the fruit of an international partnership involving DCU, the Université de Saint-Etienne and the Centre National de Recherche Scientifique (France), the Universitat di Firenze (Italy) and the Elphinstone College of Bombay (India). The proceedings will be published in 2002.

Sauter M
Official Launch of M.A. in Intercultural Studies [including public lecture (see under Section 8), postgraduate seminar and staff colloquium]. 30 participants. The organisers were Dr. Agnès Maillot, Ms Aine McGillicuddy, Mr Martin Sauter, SALIS / SALIS Research Committee, Embassy of Israel /Prof. S.N. Eisenstadt, 10-11 October 2000.

School of Communications
O'Connor B
'Desperately Seeking an Audience?': Shifting Research Agendas for the Consumption of New Media'. Paper presented to the Digital Landscapes Conference, Dublin Institute of Technology, May 2001.

O'Connor B
'Tourism and its DisContents': Identity, Authenticity and Post-Coloniality', Guest lecture at the Irish Summer School, University of Madison, Wisconsin /University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Dublin, June 2001.

Tuke W
Authoring for Multimedia. 20 participants. Organised by Margaret Farren, Computer Applications (sponsors), February 2001.