Annual Report 2001 - Dublin City University Language Services

annual report 2001

dublin city university language services

Managing Director: Dr Marie-Annick Gash
Unit Report

  • An exceptionally good year for English language training
  • Demand for interpreting services adversely affected by Foot and Mouth crisis
  • Translation services remain constant
English Language Training
DCU•LS offers year-round courses to students, whether individuals or groups, coming from abroad or living and working in Ireland. Once again, a group of students from Toyo University in Tokyo attended a six-week language course with cultural activities in mid-winter. Responding to a request from ICOS (Irish Council for Overseas Students), DCU•LS had the privilege to teach a group of diplomats from Laos. There was a welcome increase in the number of teachers' groups attending courses: one group of French primary teachers, two groups of post-primary Italian teachers.

Individual students come from Europe, Latin America, Korea, Japan and increasingly from China.

Translating and Interpreting
DCU•LS interpreters provide simultaneous interpreting at international conferences or private meetings in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. As numerous meetings and conferences were cancelled during the Foot and Mouth crisis, the interpreting section was affected. The team of translators, some of them graduates of DCU, specialize in a wide range of topics including government reports, into Irish, medical equipment, tourism, insurance and banking.

Language Training
DCU•LS continued its language training activities in association with semi-state bodies and at the request of clients from the private sector. The languages offered were French and German.

Language Assessment
Providing linguistic assessments for recruitment agencies and for clients in the IT sector continued. DCU•LS is one of the major providers of linguistic evaluations in the Dublin region.