Annual Report 2001 - National Cell and Tissue Culture Centre

annual report 2001

national cell and tissue culture centre

Research Carried out / Ongoing

Daly C
  • With P Doolin H Joyce and M Clynes Applications of ribozyme technology in cancer research.
  • With I Bray and M Clynes Investigation of the possibility that ribozyme cleavage of bxl-xl mRNA may produce a novel Pro-apoptotic protein in human cancer cells Funded by Health Research Board.
Heenan M
  • With D Cronin and M Clynes Investigation of apoptosis and other mechanisms of cell death caused by anticancer drugs Funded by BioResearch Ireland and Industry.
Liang Y
  • With A Larkin and M Clynes Expression of MRP family members and their possible role in chemotherapy resistance in human breast cancers Funded by Cancer Research Advancement Board.
McGlinchey E
  • With D O'Driscoll M Smyth J Keenan C O'Grady and M Clynes Fermentation of animal cells and downstream processing of their protein products Funded by Industry.
Meleady P
  • With N Daly F O'Sullivan B Power J McMorrow and M Clynes New Genomic/Proteomic Technologies applied to identifying new targets for drug treatment of cancer Funded by Enterprise Ireland Strategic Research Grants Scheme.
  • With F O'Sullivan and M Clynes Growth control differentiation and serum-free media in human lung cancer cells.
Moran E
  • With L O'Driscoll and M Clynes Use of antibodies and gene probes to investigate molecular alterations in human cancer cells and tissues Funded by BioResearch Ireland.
  • With AM Larkin and M Clynes Novel monoclonal antibodies for multidrug-resistance-associated antigens Funded by Industry.
O'Connor R
  • With M Clynes Design synthesis and biological evaluation of novel MRP inhibitors to enhance the activity of anti-cancer drugs Funded by HRB - Inter-Disciplinary.
  • With M Heenan Y Liang S Glynn and M Clynes Investigation of pharmacological intervention in multiple drug resistance in human lung cancer cells.
O'Driscoll L
  • With P Gammell and R Linehan Tissue engineering - design of artificial ß-cells.
  • With R Linehan and M Clynes Investigation of possible role for Surviving in resistance to chemotherapy and radiation in human cancer cells Funded by Health Research Board.
Research visits / Travel
Gammell P
  • Professor Per Bendix Jeppessen, Aarhus University Denmark, March 2001 Hospital, Aarhus