Annual Report 2001 - Registry

annual report 2001


Academic Quality and Planning Systems

Validation and accreditation
The following progammes were validated and accredited during the year:

  • GD/MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy
  • GD/MSc Nursing
  • GD/MSc Plasma and Vacuum Technology
  • GD/MSc Information Technology
  • GD/MSc in School Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care
  • MBA Corporate Executive
  • Masters in Religious Education
  • BSc Nursing Studies
  • BA Digital Media Engineering
  • Diploma in Legal Studies
  • Certificate in Fundamentals of Plasma and Vacuum Studies
  • Certificate in Information and Internet
  • Certificate in Computing
The following programme was retired during the year:
  • Masters in Computer Applications in Education

Academic council and standing committee

During the year, Academic Council approved the following regulations and guidelines:

  • Guidelines for the appointment of External Examiners
  • Guidelines for Assessments and project management
  • Guidelines on Minute Taking
  • Regulation mandating an oral examination to support application for transfer to PhD register
  • Guidelines for retention and disposal of examination scripts
  • Guidelines for the conduct of Progression and Awards Boards

A review was undertaken of the Appeals process and it was agreed by Academic Council that an independent legal advisor and a student representative should join the Board and that there should be a screening process in advance of the hearings. It was also agreed that appellants would be given a copy of the determination of the Board and of any documentation considered by the Board in reaching its conclusion. A schedule of precedents will be maintained and published.

A proposal for Anonymous Marking was adopted by Council and a working group established to make recommendations.

A policy on the admission and assessment of disabled applicants was approved.

It was agreed to pilot a scheme for reserved places for students with high levels of performance in playing and/or coaching on the programme in Sports Science and Health.

Elections were held for membership of Standing Committee. Since the outcome was that only male members were elected, it was agreed that a policy for gender proofing such processes be considered by the new Equality Director.

The appointment of an Irish Languages Officer was approved to elevate the profile of the Irish language on the campus was approved.

It was noted that total funding under the HEA's Special Targeted Initiatives scheme awarded to DCU was £1,174,274.