Annual Report 2001 - School of Biotechnology

annual report 2001

school of biotechnology

External Activities
Other External Activities

McDonnell S
  • External examiner for MSc thesis, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, February 2001.
  • Chairperson of session at the Irish Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting, Cork, 28 September 2001.
O'Kennedy R
  • External examiner, IT Limerick.
  • External examiner, IT Limerick and IT Tralee.
  • Edward Mee employed to produce multimedia presentations on aspects of immunology, sensors and antibodies.
  • Attended Inaugural Bioconnect Meeting, Citywest Campus, 31 January 2001.
  • Visit to Northern Area Health Board to meet Maureen Windle and John Lamont for research related discussions, 12 June 2001.
  • Visit to University of Ghant for research discussions and collaboration of EU project on drugs of abuse, 14-16 May 2001.
  • Leader of Irish team participating in Biology Olympics in Brussels, 8-15 July 2001.
  • Visit and lecture to London International Youth Science Forum, London, 7-8 August 2001.
  • Visit and lecture to Biacore AB, Stevenage UK, 24-25 September 2001.