Annual Report 2001 - School of Biotechnology

annual report 2001

school of biotechnology

Conferences / Seminars / Short Courses / Other events held at the University

O'Kennedy R
Conference on Biacore J, in conjunction with Dr Janette Handley, Biacore.

O'Kennedy R
Bioconnect Meeting with Dr Ena Walsh of Bioconnect.

Dr Barry McMullin, Dean of Teaching and Learning Dublin City University
"Who Needs Genomes?", 21 February 2001.

Dr John O'Brien, Royal College of Surgeons
"Some methods of genotyping and transcription analysis", 28 February 2001.

Dr James McInerney, NUI Maynooth
"Data are not homogenous: lessons from completed microbial genomes", 7 March 2001.

Dr Alan Dobson, Dept of Microbiology, UCC
"Understanding the biodegradative capabilities of Pseudomonas, physiological and molecular approaches", 21 March 2001.

Dr Carmel Hensey, Dept of Pharmacology, UCD

"Developmentally regulated cell death pathways in Xenopus (frog) embryos", 28 March 2001.

Dr Judy Harmey, RCSI and Beaumont Hospital
"Role of Angiogenesis and Apoptosis in Cancer", 4 April 2001.

Dr Paul Ross, Dairy Products Research Center, Teagasc
"Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks: Genetic Improvement of Food Culture", 11 April 2001.