Annual Report 2001 - School of Chemical Sciences

annual report 2001

school of chemical sciences

Conferences / Seminars / Short Courses / Other events held at the University

Dr Tony Killard, Cambridge Diagnostics / DCU
"Electrochemical Immunosensors", 24 October 2000.

Professor Peter J. Derrick, University of Warwick, UK
"Mass spectrometry and macromolecules - coming of age for an irredeemably interdisciplinary field", 25 October 2000.

Professor Sally Brooker, University of Otago, USA
"Running Rings Round Metal Ions", 31 October 2000.

Professor David Littlejohn, University of Strathclyde, UK
"Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue", 1 November 2000.

Mr Damian McGuirk, Dublin City University, Ireland
"Micro-scale synthesis- thinking small for the new millennium", 8 November 2000.

Dr Pat Guiry, University College Dublin, Ireland
"Recent Developments in Ligand Design and Applications in Asymmetric Catalysis", 14 November 2000.

Niamh McGuinn, National Gallery of Ireland
"The Science of Art Restoration", 21 November 2000.

Dr Michael Hudson, University of Reading, UK
"The absorbing story of highly ordered mesoporous materials", 22 November 200.

Dr Gareth Redmond, NMRC
"Hierarchical Self-assembly: From Nanoscale Biotechnology to the Construction of Functional Electronic Devices", 28 November 2000

Professor Malcolm Chrisholm, Indiana, USA
"Electronic structure and bonding in 1-D chains involving quadruple bonds", 29 November 2000.

Professor Stephen Fletcher, Loughborough University, UK
"The Temperature and Pressure Dependence of the Specific Interfacial Free Energies of Solid-Solid Interfaces by an Electrochemical Technique", 5 December 2000.

Dr Tia Keyes, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland
"Hydrogen bond mediated electron conduction in the solid state", 28 February 2001.

Dr Colin McCoy, Queen's University Belfast, UK
"Controlled response systems: from sensors to biomaterials", 7 March 2001.

Professor Chick Wilson, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK
"Understanding hydrogen atom disorder in organic crystal structures -
neutron, X-ray and computational approaches", 13 March 2001.

Dr Hywel Evens, University of Plymouth, UK
"Plasmas in atomic spectroscopy", 14 March 2001.

Dr Grace Morgan, University College Dublin, Ireland
"Cryptands and Podands: Versatile Hosts for Positive and Negative Guests", 20 March 2001.

Dr Conor Long, Dublin City University, Ireland
"Photoinduced hapticity change of p-coordinated heterocyclic ligands", 21 March 2001.

Professor John Schenkman - University of Connecticut, USA
"QCM and AFM studies of the binding of cytochrome P450 enzymes", 26 March 2001.

Dr Justin Holmes, NUI Cork, Ireland
"Supercritical Fluids as Novel Media for Nanosynthesis", 27 March 2001.

Dr John Lowry, NUI Maynooth
"In Vivo Voltammetry: Real-Time Neurochemical Monitoring using Microelectrochemical Sensors", 3 April 2001.

Dr Paul Kruger, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
"New Twists in Supramolecular Chemistry", 10 April 2001.

Professor Jim Rusling - University of Connecticut, USA
"Thin films for electro-enzymology and DNA damage analysis", 11 April 2001.