Annual Report 2001 - School of Chemical Sciences

annual report 2001

school of chemical sciences


Barnes CJ
Barnes CJ, AlShamaileh E, Pitkanen T and Lindroos M
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Diamond D
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Diamond D
"Measuring Biochemical Parameters On-Line: Key Challenges and Future Potential."
Proceedings of the DARPA-ONRIFO Meeting 'Electroactive Polymers and Biosystems: New Directions in Electroactive Polymer Materials for Biomemetic and Interactive Processes', Il Ciocco, Lucca, Italy, 30 July - 3 August 2001.

Bowden M, Sequiera M, Twohill E, Paull B, Krog JP, Gravesen P and Diamond D
"On-Line Analysis of River Water Samples utilising a Prototype Sensing System for Phosphorus based on Micro System Technology."
The Analyst, 2001 (submitted for publications).

Diamond D
"Targeting Toxic Metals."
Research profile published in Technology Ireland, March 2001, pp 37-39.

Shepherd R and Diamond D
"Autonomous Sensing Devices."
Irish Scientist 2001, (in press).

Forster, R.J.
Forster RJ, Loughman PJ, Figgemeier E, Lees AC, Hjelm J and Vos JG
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Forster RJ and Keyes TE
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Gallagher JF
Barrow M, Cromhout NL, Manning AR and Gallagher JF
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J. Organomet Chem., 619, 2001, pp 141-151.

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Akhter Z, Gallagher JF, Lewis J, Raithby PR, Rennie MA and Shields GP
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J. Organomet. Chem., 614, 2000, pp 231-237.

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Brady F and Gallagher JF
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Acta Crystallographica, C57, 2000, pp 1407-1410.

Howarth J
Howarth, J. and Lloyd, D.G.
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Paull B
Bashir W and Paull B
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Smyth M
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Vos JG
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