Annual Report 2001 - School of Communications

annual report 2001

school of communications

Research Carried out / Ongoing

Corcoran F
  • Monograph on Irish Broadcasting (in progress).
  • Member of EU-funded EMTEL Research Network (European Media Technology in Everyday Life).
  • Member of EU-funded COST A-20 Research Network (The Impact of the Internet on the Mass Media).
Flynn R
  • Telecityvision - The Impact of New ICTS on Urban Design.
    Leader(s): BIS (Berlin Institute for Social Research), Berlin, Germany.
    EU Fourth Framework project, carried out in collaboration with six other European-based research centres. Three year study to establish the extent to which spread of new ICTs have informed thinking about urban planning and design at the level of city authorities (i.e. local councils). Project now nearing end of third year.
    Sponsoring Agency: European Union.
Graham J
  • Context and Consciousness.
  • Nature of funding: Personal.
  • Participant Research into Therapeutic Applications of Movement Studies
    Nature of funding: Personal.
Holt E
  • Ongoing research into Journalism and the Irish Literary Renaissance.
Horgan J
  • Leader: Bill Rolston UU.
    Media coverage of the election of Mary Robinson as President of Ireland.
    Nature of Funding: Contract
    Sponsoring Agency: RIA/Social Science Research Council.
  • RTE News and Current Affairs Since 1961.
    Nature of Funding: Contract
    Sponsoring Agency: Radio Telefis Eireann
Kirby P
  • Over the past academic year, has written journal articles for publications in Irish Studies in International Affairs (November 2001) and in New Political Economy (forthcoming).
  • Wrote a review article on books on the Celtic Tiger for The Economic and Social Review, published in Vol 32, No 1, pp 92-101.
  • Substantially re-wrote his PhD thesis for publications as a book by Palgrave in late 2001, entitled Celtic Tiger in Distress: Growth with Inequality in Ireland.
  • Co-edited a book with Michael Cronin and Luke Gibbons entitled Reinventing Ireland: Culture and the Celtic Tiger, to be published by Pluto Press in April 2002. Wrote a chapter for this book and co-authored two other chapters with the other editors.
  • Beginning a book on Latin America for Sage.
McGuinness D
  • Work in progress on the history of Irish music hall and the Dublin working class audience for cinema in the pre 1960s.
McNamara P
  • Newspaper editorial systems (Personal).
Molony M
  • PhD candidate on "Strategies for Online Publishing" in relation to print newspapers.
O'Connor B
  • Edited book on tourism in Ireland entitled Irish Tourism: Image, Culture and Identity': in press.
  • Member of the management committee of the University Designated Research Centre, STEM (Centre for Society, Technology and Media) which is a multidisciplinary research centre focusing on social aspects of digital media. She is currently one of the centre's co-ordinators of a European - funded project on 'Strategies of Inclusion: Gender and the Information Society' (2001-2003).
Preston P
  • Collaborator: Dr Barbara O'Connor
    Researcher: Dr Carol MacKeogh
    SIGIS: Strategies for Inclusion and Gender in the European Information Society: a multi-country research project (2001-2003).
    Nature of funding: EU's FP5 programme.
  • Industrial Innovation in the Digital Media 'Contents' Sector (2001-2005)
    Nature of funding: EC-funded - Marie Curie Postgraduate Training Site Award.
  • Mapping New & 'Mature' Media in a Knowledge-based Economy (2001-2003).
    Nature of funding: Personal research project.
  • Collaborator: Prof. F Corcoran
    Researcher: Dr.Katie Ward
    EMTEL-II. The 'European Media Technology and Everyday Life'
    Nature of funding: EU.
  • Leaders: P Preston, B O'Connor , F Corcoran and A Kerr
    Digital Games: Production, Textual & User Aspects.
    Nature of funding: DCU RAP & IRCHSS.
Sheehan H
  • Ongoing work on books:
    - Navigating the Zeitgeist
    - The Rise of the Repressed in the History of Knowledge
    - The Shifting Shapes of TV Drama
  • Completed work on new edition of Irish Television Drama: A Society and Its Stories (1st edition 1987) new edition to be published by RTE and 4 Courts Press in 2002 includes a new chapter covering 1988 to 2001, a new introduction and revisions to existing chapters).
  • Research related to writing introduction to previously unpublished manuscript of Nikolai Bukharin Philosophical Arabesques to be published by Monthly Review Press 2003.
  • Ongoing work on multimedia productions:
    - on history of ideas
    - on social history of television
    - on labour songs.
Trench B
  • Leader of DCU input to MUDIA (Multimedia Contents in Digital Age), approved 2001 under EU's Information Society Technologies programme - 45,000 euro to Dublin City University for research assistant over 18months, and travel; 5 partners in 5 member states.
  • Leader of DCU input to ENSCOT (European Network of Science Communication Teachers), funded under EU's Raising Public Awareness of Science and Technology programme, started February 2000 - 56,000 euro to Dublin City University for research assistant over 36 months,and travel; 7 partners in 5 member states
  • Travel grant from DCU Research Advisory Panel for part-costs of participation as invited speaker in national conference of Australian Science Communicators, Sydney, Australia, September 2001

Research visits / Travel

Corcoran, F.
  • EMTEL research meeting, Amsterdam, 14-17 February 2001.
  • EMTEL research meeting, Trondheim, 14-16 June 2001.
  • COST A-20 research meeting, Rotterdam, 25-27 October 2001.
  • Organising Committee: DCU/DIT Conference on "Digital Landscapes", Dublin, May 2001.
Molony M
  • Attended and participated in forum discussions at the NetMedia Conference ("The Internet Conference for Journalists") at London City University, July 2001.
Sheehan H
  • Study visits to University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, New York University, City University of New York, University of Havana, University of Western Cape, University of Cape Town.
  • Visiting academic at Graduate School of Humanities and Centre for Higher Education Development at University of Cape Town.