Annual Report 2001 - School of Communications

annual report 2001

school of communications

External Activities
External Lectures / Papers / Presentation

Brereton P
  • "Continuum Guide to Media Education." Continuum Press, August 2001.
Corcoran F
  • Lecture Series on "European Media and Cultural Policy". Catholic University of Portugal, Lisbon, 14-25 May 2001.
Holt E
  • Paper to Association of Teachers of English, College of Surgeons, October 2001.
Kirby P
  • "Re-inventing Ireland: The Republic under the Celtic Tiger." Lecture to the Ireland Institute, Dublin, June 2001.
  • "The Role of Interests and Identity in Constituting Security: Charting the Shifts, Theorising the Links." Seminar on New Regionalisms and New/Old Security Issues at the Department of Peace and Development Research, Gothenburg University, Sweden, May 31 to June 2 2001.
  • "Ireland's overseas development assistance programme." Lecture at Peace and Development Department (Padrigu), Gothenburg University, Sweden, May 2001.
  • "The Role of Interests and Identity in Constituting Security: Charting the Shifts, Theorising the Links." Seminar at the International Peace Research Institute (PRIO), Oslo, Norway, May 2001.
  • "The Celtic Tiger: A Model of Developmental Success in a Globalised World?" lecture at Aalborg University, Denmark, May 2001.
  • "Tackling Global Inequality: The Limits of Liberal Internationalism in Latin America." Annual Conference of the National Committee for the Study of International Affairs, Royal Irish Academy, November 2000.
  • "Growth with Inequality: The Social Impact of Economic Growth in Ireland in the 1990s." Seminar to research seminar series organised by the Department of Health Promotion, at National University of Ireland, Galway, November 2000.
  • "The Social Impact of Economic Liberalisation: Evidence from Latin America." Annual Conference of the Political Studies Association of Ireland (PSAI) in Cork, October 2000.
McNamara P
  • "Regional Media in Europe and the Role of Journalists." Chairperson, Journalism Technology and Education Panel, Conference, Volos, Greece, 14-15 September 2001.
Quinlan C
  • 'Women in Prison and Image Based Research." Paper presented at Sociological Imaginations Conference, Trinity College Dublin, 30 September 2001.
Sheehan H
  • "The History of Philosophy: questions about class, race and gender." Department of Philosophy, University of Cape Town, 28 March 2001.
  • "Transformation and Academe: alternative paths." Centre for Higher Education Development, University of Cape Town, 18 April 2001.
  • "The Rise of the Repressed: where does South Africa fit into the picture?" All Africa House, University of Cape Town, 30 March 2001.
  • "The legacy of the German Democratic Republic." Irish School of Ecumenics for Trinity College Dublin MPhil in Peace Studies, 30 January 2001.
Trench B
  • "Science Journalism on the Web: navigating new information spaces, New Territories in the Culture of Science and Technology." Cite des Sciences et de l'Industrie, Paris, 8-9 December 2000.
  • Opening remarks, Arts Council / Irish Council for Science Technology and Innovation Forum on Arts and Sciences, Merrion Hotel, Dublin, December 2000.
  • "Scientists' Views of Public Communication." (with Kirk Junker). Sixth International Conference, Public Communication of Science and Technology, Geneva, 1-3 February 2001.
  • "New Views of News." Digital Landscapes, Dublin Institute of Technology, 18-19 May 2001.
  • "Teaching Professional Values: lessons from online journalism." Fourth International Conference on Regional Media in Europe, Volos, Greece, 14-16 September 2001.
  • "Science and the Knowledge Economy: views from a communication perspective." A Science Odyssey, Second National Conference of Australian Science Communicators, Sydney, Australia, 23-26 September 2001.