Annual Report 2001 - School of Electronic Engineering

annual report 2001

school of electronic engineering

External Activities
External Lectures / Papers / Presentation

Barry L
  • "Hybrid radio-fibre communication system." Applied Optics Centre, Auckland University, New Zealand, 22 January 2001.
  • "Broadband mobile communications using microwave photonics." ESAT Telecom Offices, Dundrum, 25 May 2001.
  • "High Speed photonic system design." British Telecom Research Lab, Ipswich, UK, 21 September 2001.
McNally P
  • "Synchrotron x-ray topography of VCz GaAs crystals." Rudolph, P., Neubert, M., Tuomi, T., Knuuttila, L., McNally, P.J., Chen, W., Kanathatana J. and Danilewsky, A.N. 13 Int. Conf. On Crystal Growth (ICCG-13), Kyoto, Japan, 30 July - 4 August 2001.
  • "Application of x-ray diffracttion and topography techniques for studies of strain in laterally overgrown epitaxial structures." Zytkiewicz, Z.R., Domagala, J., Rantamäki, R., Tuomi, T., McNally, P.J. and Danilewsky, A.N. 6th Polish Conf. on Crystal Growth, Abstract, Poznan, Poland, May 2001.
  • "Investigation of mechanical stresses in underlying silicon due to lead-tin solder bumps via synchrotron x-ray topography and finite element analysis." Kanatharana, J., Pérez-Camacho, J.J., Buckley, T., McNally, P.J., Tuomi, T., Danilewsky, A.N., O'Hare, M., Lowney, D. and Chen, W. Microelectronics & Microsystem Packaging Symposium N, Materials Research Society Spring Meeting, San Francisco, CA, U.S.A., 16-20 April 2001.
  • "Wide bandgap semiconductors: applications and implications." Invited speaker, Future Trends in High Speed Semiconductors, Institution of Engineers of Ireland/Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers Expert Panel Session, 22 Clyde Road, Dublin, Ireland, 28 March 2001.
  • "White beam synchrotron x-ray topography studies of Pb/Sn ball grid array induced strain in Si substrates." Kanatharana, J., McNally, P.J., Perez-Camacho, J.J., Tuomi, T., Danilewsky, A.N. and O'Hare, M. Hamburger Synchrotronstrahlungslabor HASYLAB Users Meeting, 26 January 2001.
O'Connor N
  • "Overview of the Centre for Digital Video Processing of Dublin City University." Presentation to the EU SCHEMA NoE, 10 May 2002.
  • "MINERVA: A Modular INference Engine for Robust (and efficient) VOP Acquisition." Presentation made to EU COST 211 group, 30 April 2002.
  • "Digital Video Indexing, Search and Retrieval." Presentation made to members of the NMRC, 16 May 2002.
Whelan P
  • "Machine Vision: A Systems Engineering Approach." Invited speaker, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Western Ontario, Canada, July 2001.
  • "Machine Vision: A Systems Engineering Approach." Invited speaker, Universities of Heidelberg and Mannheim: Interdisciplinary Image Processing Colloquium, University of Heidelberg, Germany, January 2001.
  • Contributor to the Mater Hospital Liver Centre Seminar series.
  • "Medical Physics Workshop." Invited speaker, School of Physical Sciences Seminar Series, Dublin City University.
  • Organized the Computer Vision Showcase Public Seminars in Dublin City University. These showcase computer vision research within Ireland to the non-academic community.
  • "There is more to machine vision than meets the eye!" Invited speaker School of Physical Sciences Seminar Series, Dublin City University.