Annual Report 2001 - Visiting Scholars/Lecturers at the University

annual report 2001

visiting scholars/lecturers at the university

Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences

School of Computer Applications

Dr J. Cuddihy Chairperson and J. Callan, Director of Assessment of the ICGP
Visited J Horgan in December 2001.

External lecturers for Research Methodology Series
Visited M.Sc. Computer Applications

Guest Lecturers

Visited M.Sc in E-Commerce

Professor D Méry, Université de Henri Poincaré, Nancy
Collaborative work on automating verification of distributed reactive systems, November 2000 (Geoff Hamilton)

Mr Michael Pollock, StrataIT, Dublin
Presented lecture to Graduate Diploma in IT group (M Farren)

Mr William Grimson, DIT, Dublin
Presented lecture to Graduate Diploma in IT group (M Farren)

Mr Stephen Farrell (Chief Security Architect and Director of Research at Baltimore Technology)
Guest Lecturer to the Final Year Students and Staff (Ray Walshe)

Dr M O'hEigeartaigh, NCI
Modelling and Scientific Computing group - Seminar Series "Counting r-swaps in Hamiltonian tours in complete graphs."

School of Mathematical Sciences
G Shishkin, Russian Academy of Sciences
Three research visits of 2/3 weeks duration each.

P Duclos, University of Toulon and Var, France
Research Visit, 16-27 June 2001.

M Fabrizio, University of Bologna, Italy
Research Visit, July 2001.

T Linss, Dresden, Germany
Seminar on "Sufficient conditions for uniform convergence on layer-adapted meshes", 11 October 2000.

D Gilbert, D.I.T.
"The location of spectral concentration for Schrodinger operators with short range potentials", 18 October 2000.

A Briani, Pisa, Italy
"Hamilton-Jacobi equations and Gamma-convergence for optimal control problems", 29 November 2000.

D Crothers, Queens University, Belfast
"Massey, Stokes,Wannier: quantum or (semi)classical ", 21 February 2001.

N Kopteva, Moscow State University, Russia
"The two-dimensional Sobolev inequality in the case of an arbitrary grid", 7 March 2001.

T Dorlas, DIAS
"Quantum Computing", 14 March 2001.

M Meehan, UCD
"Positive solutions of Volterra integral equations using integral inequalities", 18 April 2001.

BD Aggarwala, University of Calgary, Canada
"On two ODE models for development of HIV/AIDS in Canada", 16 May 2001.