Bachelor of Education Eligibility (DC004)

The DCU Undergraduate Prospectus  outlines the following eligibility criteria.

Eligibility for entry to the BEd pathway (DC004) to which you have applied is governed by Statutory Instrument No.260/2018, by order of the Minister for Education and Skills and with the consent of the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform. Applicants should note that intake to DC004 is currently capped by the Department of Education and Skills (DES) at a maximum of 32 restricted entry places.  

Religious denomination:

It is the responsibility of the Church of Ireland Centre in DCU, to provide a supply of teachers for the schools under the management of the Protestant churches.  The Religious Studies element of the BEd programme for which you have applied, DC004, is directed towards the requirements of Religious Education in these schools. 

Leaving Certificate Requirements

In addition to the general entry requirements for admission to the university the following entry requirements apply:  Minimum of H5 in no fewer than three subjects and a minimum of O6/H7 in three other subjects.  Programme requirements: Irish H4, English and Mathematics O4/H7.

* DC004 Restricted Entry: students with minimum of H6 or O4 in Irish may be offered places but only if there are insufficient candidates meeting the H4 Irish requirement. A Link Module of the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme may be presented as one of the six subjects for the calculation of points but will not qualify as a subject for matriculation purposes.

GCE A Level

In addition to the general entry requirements for admission to the university the following entry requirements apply: Six subjects must be presented, at least three at GCE A Level with the remaining subjects at GCE AS or GCSE Level. Applicants must present the following subject requirements: GCSE Level C in both English and English Literature or GCSE Level B in either English or English Literature; GCE A Level C in Irish; GCSE Level D in Additional Mathematics or GCSE Level C in Mathematics. 

Please read these notes carefully before completing the online form.

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Religious education is an important part of the school curriculum in faith schools.  It is currently the responsibility of the Church of Ireland Centre, within DCU, to support the provision of teachers for primary schools under Protestant patronage and the Religious Education Certificate provided alongside the BEd programme is directed towards the requirements of Religious Education in these schools.  At present, all available places on DC004 are reserved for those who understand and are willing to uphold the ethos of primary schools under the patronage of Churches in the Protestant tradition.

Please indicate your religious affiliation. 


Please give us an indication of some recent activities with which you have been involved that support your application and show your understanding of the ethos of Protestant schools or the Protestant community. 


Applicants will be asked to provide the names of referees who can support your application.


State the names and addresses of primary and post-primary schools which you have attended.  Please note that one or more of the Principal Teachers may be asked to supply a reference in support of your application.


You will be asked to explain your understanding of the ethos of Protestant primary schools in 200 words or less.

The information requested in this online form is required to enable the Church of Ireland Centre in DCU to ascertain the understanding and willingness of candidates to understand and give a commitment to upholding the Protestant ethos of primary schools under Church of Ireland, Methodist, Presbyterian and Society of Friends patronage. 

Online completed forms will be assessed by the Church of Ireland Centre, DCU. The closing date for applications is 10th April 2024 @ 5pm

Queries should be directed to Rev. Professor Lodge:

Eligibility Application Form 2024


Closing Date -10th April 2024 @ 5pm


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