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BA in Theology and Religious Studies
Course Short Code
Course Year
Course Offering: 02

Optional Modules

Students must register for a minimum of 37.5 credits of optional modules in each academic year.

Semester 1 




Introduction to Judaism

The Gospel and Acts

Twentieth Century Theologians

7.5 Credits 

7.5 Credits

7.5 credits

Semester 2

Students may only choose one language module in an academic session i.e. TP124 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew OR TP125 Introduction to Koine Greek.






Introduction to Biblical Hebrew

Introduction to Koine Greek

The God Question

Bioethics: Theological and Philosophical Foundations

Faith Development

7.5 Credits

7.5 Credits

7.5 Credits

7.5 Credits

7.5 Credits

Students may only register for a Research Paper module if they intend to complete their degree in the current academic year.


Major Research Paper

7.5 Credits 

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