CRM Programme Set Up Request

New Programme Workflow

New Programme Workflow


New Programme Request

The request to open a new programme can be submitted for any undergraduate, postgraduate, research or microcredential programme which will be on the DCU Student Application Portal (CRM)

Please note that full-time undergraduate programmes are managed through the Central Applications Office (CAO). To discuss the introduction of a new full-time CAO programme, please contact

Before submitting a request

Before a programme can be set up on an admissions system, it must be formally approved by the university, a curriculum set up on the student information system and a programme fee agreed with Finance. For guidance on curriculum set up, please make contact with your Faculty Office.

Submitting a request

  1. Please submit your request to Admissions via the following "New Programme Request Form". Admissions will provide the new programme with a new external code e.g. DC000. Admissions will set up a new prospectus page which will be populated by Faculties, Admissions and Fees. Admissions will note entry requirements and the decision-making path for the new programme.
  2. Then submit an ISS ticket to request that technical colleagues add the new programme to the student application portal.

Response times

The lead in time for all new programme requests must be considered in planning. New programme requests require input from units across the university and the complexity of the programme request will impact the lead in time. 

Note: Where it is anticipated that a new undergraduate, postgraduate or research programme does not conform to the current Student Application Portal configuration (or), where a programme type is not currently supported within the current Student Application Portal configuration, please contact Academic Systems at for guidance.