DCU Prospective Student Undergraduate Admission FAQ 2021

International Office Applicants

Undergraduate Non EU applicants, should contact the International Office by email on international@dcu.ie. Further information is available on their website, https://www.dcu.ie/international/index.shtml.

Direct Applicants

All other Undergraduate applicants can read the information below and contact ugadmissions@dcu.ie if you have any further questions.


Will the current restrictions affect my application to DCU?

New DCU applications are being managed in the usual way. We are monitoring the situation closely and will update these FAQs as more information becomes available. If you are applying directly to DCU, please complete the direct application form R10 form and email to ugadmissions@cu.ie 


Do I have to attend campus for my assessment/interview?

For programmes where this applies, temporary arrangements have been put in place to facilitate remote assessments/interviews. In line with previous years, all applicants will be contacted by email in relation to assessments/interviews. This remote arrangement will be kept under review.


My school is assessing my final examinations/or providing my final results in a different way than in previous years. Will DCU accept my final school examinations in 2021?

In cases where 2021 examinations are cancelled or the mode of assessment is changed due to the current pandemic we will continue to accept the results if they are formally issued by the examining body (and the examination is one which we normally recognise), in accordance with the timelines for 2021 admissions.

However, we will keep the situation under review and if there is a significant difference in relative grade distribution between an EU examination and the 2021 Leaving Certificate results, we reserve the right to implement a Numerus Clausus (see page 12). If you require further information about this, please contact the undergraduate admissions team by email on ugadmissions@dcu.ie.


I am unable to take my English language test because the IELTS test centres are closed, how will this affect me?

The university accepts several English language tests. Please refer to the published English Language Requirements which can be found here.


If I am unable to take up my place for any reason, is it possible to defer my place until next year?

Please contact the undergraduate admissions team by email on ugadmissions@dcu.ie for further information about the deferral process. It may not be possible to accommodate all deferral requests.