DCU Statement on Graduation 2020

Updated Statement on Graduation 2020 (including Spring 2021 cohort)

Published 5th May 2021

Due to the global pandemic DCU's traditional in-person graduation ceremonies have not been possible, or safe, to hold. Decisions made regarding Graduation reflect government and public health advice and, at all times, our priority has been the safety and wellbeing of our DCU community and their families.  

Last year, DCU consulted with students and their class representatives to determine if a virtual ceremony would be preferable during the pandemic.  We received an overwhelming response telling us that students would prefer to wait for an on-campus celebration. We took this message on board but, of course, none of us imagined that COVID restrictions would continue for so long. 

The news is positive at this time (May 2021) and it is wonderful to see the country beginning to re-open in May and June. We hope further progress can be made in July and August.

We know that it will be some time yet before we can offer, with certainty, an in-person opportunity to gather but we want to reassure you that this continues to be our intent. We will contact students and graduates directly when this is going ahead.  

We are looking forward to inviting you back to DCU to celebrate your achievements when restrictions are lifted and it is safe for us to do so.  In the meantime we thank you for your continued patience and understanding throughout this challenging time.


Earlier Statement on Graduation 2020

Published September 2020

DCU graduation ceremonies are very special occasions for our graduands, their families and our DCU faculty.  

DCU has explored a number of options with a view to holding in-person graduation ceremonies.  Our priority at all times continues to be the safety of students, staff and the wider community.

In light of prevailing public health guidelines, it is hugely disappointing that it will not be possible to hold in person graduation ceremonies in 2020.  In addition, we have listened to and heard the student voice that there is no appetite for virtual ceremonies. 

Graduation events are very important to everyone in the University, so DCU has made a commitment to host an in-person graduation style event for all 2020 graduates (originally scheduled for March and November) when and where it is safe to do so. We look forward to this.

Until we can organise this event, this will mean that for the 2020 March and November graduate groups

  1. Students are officially conferred with their award by the university this year.
  2. Students will receive their degree parchment. 
  3. Further information will be communicated by the Registry office in the coming weeks. 

All updates regarding the in-person graduation style event will be sent to graduates' DCU email address. We look forward to celebrating with all our graduates when it is safe to do so.