International Student Letter Request Form

DCU provides various letters of support that you may need throughout your academic year as an international (non-EU) undergraduate, postgraduate, study abroad or exchange/Erasmus+ student.

Please allow at least 3 working days for us to produce your letter. The letter will be securely emailed to your DCU email address using encryption.  

International student confirmation letter  

  • You can use this letter to register with Immigration Service Delivery (formerly the Irish National and Immigration Service, or 'INIS'), to submit to embassies for travel permission, to open a student bank account, to apply for a PPS number, or to act as general confirmation that you are a registered full-time student with DCU. 
  • If you're using this letter for Immigration Service Delivery , please request it no more than a week before your Immigration Service Delivery registration appointment. Please remember to specify the date of the appointment when submitting your letter request.
    • For more information on registering with Immigration Service Delivery  please read here.
  • If this letter is required for an embassy appointment, please tell us which country you wish to travel to in the comment box.
  • If you require official proof of address to opening a bank account or apply for a PPS number, we can post this letter to you. Please ensure you update your current address in Dublin on your My Details via DCU Apps.

Completion of programme letter

  • Request this letter if you have successfully completed a full-time Undergraduate or Postgraduate programme at DCU and are now eligible to apply for the Third Level Graduate Working Scheme visa.
  • Please find more information here on the Graduate Scheme visa. 




This address must match the one used on your DCU Student Apps "My Details"

If requesting an INIS Letter, please include your INIS appointment date here.


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Embassy Letter

Graduate Scheme Visa

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Graduation Confirmation

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