MA in Theology and World Religions
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The purpose of this information sheet is to allow you view all modules connected to the Qualification, optional and core.

You should print this sheet out and then continue to the next step where your registration will take place.

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There are no core modules in Year 1

Optional Modules 

Students must register for a total of 60 credits of optional modules over the 2 years of the programme.

You are advised to register for a minimum of 30 credits and a maximum of 40 credits of optional modules in YEAR 1.

Choose your modules from the list below.

Year Long Optional Modules

Semester 1 Optional Modules






Islam: A Literary and Historical Survey

Themes in Modern Theology

Philosophy and God: Selected Readings

Karl Rahner and 20th Century Theology

Natural Law Theory

10 Credits

10 Credits

10 Credits

10 Credits

10 Credits

Semester 2 Optional Modules




History of Biblical Interpretation

Jewish and Christian Dialogue

Religion and Gender in Late Antiquity

10 Credits

10 Credits

10 Credits

Additional Modules

Language modules are offered for credit at 10 ECTS. While not required, students may register for a language module. However, a maximum of ONE language module may be taken for credit for the duration of the programme. Therefore, no more than 10 credits corresponding to a language module may apply to an exit award of any type. 


Semester 2 Optional Language Modules



Introduction to Biblical Hebrew

Introduction to Koine Greek

10 Credits

10 Credits




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