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The purpose of this information sheet is to allow you view all modules connected to the Qualification, optional and core. You should print this sheet out and then continue to the next step where your registration will take place.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you register correctly




To complete this programme, all students must complete nine modules in total plus the two project elements (EE5002 + EE5003). Five of these nine modules must begin with a EE5xx module code.

Full-time students must take all these elements in a single calendar year (12 months) and part-time students should take the modules over two calendar years (24 months). 

Semester 1 begins in September and Semester 2 begins in January, regardless of when you begin your studies. The project elements (EE5002 + EE5003) take place over the summer months (June-August). 

You must register for ALL modules that you intend to complete in the current academic year (each academic year has its own registration process). 

The following is an outline of a suggested registration:

  • Full-time (September entry): Register for 9 modules plus EE5002+EE5003.


  • Full-time (January entry): Register for 4/5 Semester 2 modules plus EE5002+EE5003. You will register for the balance in the following August.


  • Part-time (September entry): Register for 2/3 modules in each of Semester 1 and Semester 2 plus EE5002(Year 1) or EE5003(Year 2). You will register in the following August for the remaining modules (i.e., your Year 2).


  • Part-time (January entry): Register for 2/3 modules in Semester 2 plus EE5002(Year 1) or EE5003(Year 2). You will then register again in the following August for the next set of modules.


Prior to proceeding with registration for the MSc in Electronic and Computer Technology programme, please visit the School of Electronic Engineering postgraduate module selection.  list:

Make a careful note of your selected modules then proceed to the next step where REGISTRATION will take place.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you register correctly. Please contact the chairperson if you have questions.



Year Long Modules




RD&I Training & Project Planning

MSc IoT Project

7.5 Credits 

15 Credits


Students must complete at least 5 of the following modules 

Semester 1 Modules




Data Analysis & Machine Learning

Real-Time Digital Signal Processing

7.5 Credits 

7.5 Credits


Semester 2 Modules





Connected Embedded Systems

Network Stack Implementation

Security for IoT and Edge Networks

Entrepreneurship for Engineers

7.5 Credits

7.5 Credits

7.5 Credits

7.5 Credits




Complementary / Supporitng modules (students must choose up to 4 modules)

Semester 1 supporting Modules






OOP with Embedded Systems

Mathematical Techniques and Problem Solving

Wireless / Mobile Communications

Blockchain Scalability

7.5 Credits 

7.5 Credits

7.5 Credits

7.5 Credits


Semester 2 supporting Modules



Web Application Development


7.5 Credits

7.5 Credits


Please contact  if you need more help selecting your modules' on all registration schedules.  

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