Online Resit Examinations & Continuous Assessments


If you have failed or deferred modules during the Academic session, these modules should be taken at the next available opportunity as defined in reassessment requirement in the module descriptors (this may be August or the next academic session).  Modules taken in the August are defined as resits for failed and deferred students.

Please find information below on: 

Interpreting your results

Information regarding your results is included on the examinations results page and on your transcript. The explanation of result codes is included on the reverse of the transcript and at the bottom of the examination results page. Please ensure that you consult this for any failed or deferred modules to inform you what you need to resit.

R:         Resit examination element only

F:         Fail, resit all elements (continuous assessment and examination)

S:        Resit assessment element as per module descriptor

X:        Resit failed examination element

W:        Resit failed coursework element

D or I      Deferred/Illness. Resit elements not attempted at first opportunity (CA/Exam or both)

Resit Arrangements

Each module descriptor defines the resit arrangements for the module.  Module descriptors are located at

Category 1:          A resit is available for all elements of the module

Category 2:          No resit is available for 100% CA module (this module must be taken as a repeat in the next academic session)

Category 3:          No resit is available for the CA element (must resit examination even if passed examination already)

Registration for August Resits 2021

Registration for the August Resits will be automatic.  There is no need to register online or pay a fee in 2021.

Resit of continuous assessment in August

Information regarding continuous assessment resits are available from the module co-ordinator by the date shown on the academic calendar.

Resit examination in August

The autumn online resit examinations will take place from Monday 9th August to Saturday 21st August, inclusive.

Additional Information:

Please be advised that if you do not complete your outstanding modules in August, you will be recorded as absent for these modules at the Autumn Progression and Award Boards and will have to retake them the next academic year. 

If you have already passed all modules for Academic year 2020/21 please see for information on registration for Academic year 2021/22.