Outline Academic Calendar 2022-2023

Semester One


Start of semester one teaching 12 September
Reading week (for Faculties with this option except 1st Yrs) 24-30 Oct (week 7)
End of Semester one teaching 3 December
Exam study period 4-9 December
Examination period  10 - 22 December*

Semester Two


Start of Semester two Teaching 16 January
Reading week (for all Faculties) 27 February- 5 March  (week 7)
End of Semester two teaching  15 April
Exam study period  17 - 23 April
Examination period  24 April - 6 May**
Promulgation of end of year results 7 June

Resit Period


Resit examinations for semester 1 and semester 2            1- 14 August


* Due to the complexity of scheduling the examination timetable, it is not clear if timetabling can be done within a reduced 10-day window. As such, the following is planned: 1) that the examination timetable is focused on the period of 12-22 December and 2) only where strictly necessary, the additional date of 10 December may be used. 

** 1 May is a bank holiday