Outline Academic Calendar 2025 2026

Semester one

7th Sep - 28th Nov

Beginning of semester one teaching

07th Sep

Reading week
(for Faculties with this option)

20th – 26th Oct

Semester one teaching ends

28th Nov

Exam study period

1st – 7th Dec

Exam period semester one

8th - 20th Dec

Semester two

11th Jan – 10th April

Beginning of semester two teaching

11th Jan

Reading week (for all Faculties)

23rd Feb

Semester two teaching ends

Fri 10th April
( Easter Sunday 5th Apr)

Exam study period

13th – 19th April

Exam period semester two 

20thApr – 2nd May

Resit Period


Resit examinations for semester one and semester two 

4th – 15th Aug