Registry - Examinations - ID Audit Process

Examinations - ID Audit Process

It is a requirement that all students bring their current DCU student ID card to all on campus examinations. If a student does not bring their current ID card to an examination, the invigilator will note their name and details and the student will be required to report to the Registry following the examination. Staff in the examinations office will conduct an ID audit, to verify that the student is registered and that they were permitted to take the examination. The student will be charged for this audit.

This process is also applicable where an ID Card is presented but is not valid for one or more of the following reasons:

  • card is not valid i.e.  expired
  • full name is not legible
  • photo does not clearly identify the student

The initial fine is €20. If a student presents for a second time to an examination without their current student ID card they will be charged €30, a third time €40, and so on. If a student fails to report to the examinations office or fails to pay the fine, their examination results will be withheld, until the audit is fully completed.

To avoid incurring such a fine, please ensure that you have a current DCU student ID card before you commence your examinations and please bring this card to all examinations.

Please ensure that your Student ID card is in date and If your card is out of date or illegible, please call to the Registry prior to your examination and it will be replaced free of charge. If you have misplaced or lost your student ID card, you can receive a replacement card from the Registry, at a cost of €25.00.


August 2023