Registry - Updated Regulations on Mobile Phones in Examination Centres

Mobile Phones or Electronic/Digital Devices in Examination Centres

The University Examination Regulations state that,

'A candidate shall not bring into the examination hall, or have in his/her possession or under his/her control or within his/her reach, whilst he/she is taking the examination:


  • Any electronic device, including smart watches and electronic dictionaries, with the exception of a mobile phone or a standard scientific calculator.
  • Clothing should not be used to conceal forbidden devices or materials'. 
  • Should a candidate bring their mobile phone into the Examination Hall it must be switched off at all times and placed under the desk for the duration of the examination. If a mobile phone is found powered on or it emits a sound, the phone will be confiscated for the remainder of the examination and the student will be subject to the disciplinary process. The use or attempted use of a mobile phone (or any other electronic device) is strictly prohibited and is a serious breach of the examination regulations.


If the candidate has an electronic device in his/her possession in the examination hall, it will be removed and retained by the invigilator , along with the Student ID Card. The invigilator will make a written report to the Registry. The candidate shall be allowed to complete the examination. However, the candidate will be requested to attend Registry to discuss the contents of the report following the examination. The Registry will then report the matter to the Disciplinary Committee.

Similarly, if a mobile phone or electronic/digital device in a candidate's bag or jacket (not at their desk) rings or the alarm activates during the examination, the device shall be removed and retained by an invigilator. The invigilator will bring the device to the examinations office following the examination. The candidate will be required to visit the Registry. A penalty of €20 will be enforced for causing a disturbance.

December 2019