Withdrawal from your Course

R27 - Notification of withdrawal from DCU 

If you are registered for the current academic year 2020/2021, you will need to withdraw officially from the University by logging into your Student Apps page - My Details (i-enabler log in)


Only Complete the form below if you cannot access the above link.

Important: If your programme involves a School Placement please confirm that you have notified the School Office.
Please provide Alternative Email Address. Once the form is completed, an email will be sent to this email address to confirm your withdrawal
Please Indicate your reason for withdrawing
Would you consider doing another DCU course in the future?
Have you spoken to any of the following people about your concerns, before making the decision to withdraw?
Are you in receipt of a SUSI grant or other type of grant
I, the above named am withdrawing as a student from DCU and will not complete my programme. I confirm that i have paid all my debts to the university and that I am not in possession of any books belonging to the University Library. I also agree to surrender my Student ID Card. I understand that any credits I have accumulated (from passed modules) will be retained and that I may apply for approval to re-register in DCU following consultation with relevant DCU staff members. \n