Research Newsletter - Issue 56: Good News

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) RDD Funding Programme 2019 

Congratulations to Dr Lorna Fitzsimons (School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering) on securing the SEAI RDD 2019 award to conduct inter-disciplinary and inter-sectoral project “Decarbonising the heat load in non-domestic buildings using current and innovative heat pump technologies”. The project will run for 36 months.

SFI Covid-19 Rapid Response Call (Call 1)

Congratulations to the following DCU researchers on being awarded the SFI Covid-19 Rapid Response (Call 1) funding:

  • Prof Stephen Daniels (lead) (School of Electronic Engineering) for project “Early detection of environmental indicators of airborne COVID-19”
  • Dr Paul Leonard (lead) (School of Biotechnology) for project “Antibody-based testing hub for serological assay validation”
  • Dr Irina Tal (lead) (School of Computing / ADAPT) for project “Assessing Irish attitudes to privacy in times of Covid-19”
  • Prof Paul Cahill (lead) (School of Biotechnology) for project “ACE-2 primed human MSCs-derived extracellular vesicles (EVs) to treat critically ill Covid-19 patients”
  • Dr Jane Suiter (lead) (School of Communications) for project “The COVID-19 Irish Citizens’ Online Forum”
  • Prof Dermot Brabazon (co-lead, UCD leading) (School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering/I-Form) for project “COVID-19 Rapid Response Digital Manufacturing & Innovation Hub”
  • Dr Rohit Mishra (collaborator, TU Dublin leading) (School of Physics/FPC) for project “AptaGold – A rapid saliva-based COVID-19 screening assay”

EU Funding success (H2020 ICT call)

Congratulations to Ray Walshe (School of Computing) on securing EU H2020 funding (ICT call) as a partner to conduct the multi-disciplinary and inter-sectoral project “ICT Standardisation Observatory and Support Facility in Europe ( 2023)”. The project is led by Trust-IT Srl (Italy) and will run for 36 months.