Research Newsletter - Issue 57: Good News

Research Collaborative in Quality and Patient Safety (RCQPS) COVID-19 Award

Congratulations to Dr Briege Casey (Lead Researcher), Dr Denise Proudfoot (Co-Investigator) and Dr Mary Rose Sweeney (Co-Investigator), School of Nursing, Psychotherapy and Community Health on their Research Collaborative in Quality and Patient Safety (RCQPS) COVID-19 award. 

The RCQPS is a collaborative initiative between the Health Research Board, the Health Service Executive, National Quality Improvement Team and the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland. The RCQPS Awards support high quality research projects where knowledge users and academic researchers collaborate to focus on QPS research questions that are determined by the documented needs of the Irish health care system. 

The DCU team will be working with Dr Fiona O’Reilly (Lead Knowledge User), Safetynet Primary Care, and other team members to carry out an analysis of nurse-led COVID-19 interventions among homeless populations.


EU H2020 Blue Growth Award

Congratulations to Prof. Fiona Regan, School of Chemical Sciences/DCU Water Institute on being awarded a EU H2020 Blue Growth award for the project "Technologies for Ocean Sensing" (TechOceanS). The DCU team will also include Prof. Anne Parle-McDermott and Dr Caroline Murphy. The project, involving 13 partners, coordinated by the National Oceanography Centre (UK), will produce and demonstrate in multiple underwater vehicles 9 new technologies enabling a step change in ocean biology, chemistry and plastic observation.  The funding amounts to circa €9M and the project will run for 48 months.


SFI Covid-19 Rapid Response Call 1 (updated information)

  • Prof. Stephen Daniels (lead) (School of Electronic Engineering) for project “Early detection of environmental indicators of airborne COVID-19”.
  • Dr Paul Leonard (lead) (School of Biotechnology) for project “Antibody-based testing hub for serological assay validation”. 
  • Dr Irina Tal (lead) (School of Computing / ADAPT) for project “Assessing Irish attitudes to privacy in times of Covid-19”. DCU Collaborators include Dr Malika Bendechache (School of Computing/ADAPT), Dr Rob Brennan (School of Computing/ADAPT), Dr Edoardo Celeste (School of Law and Government).
  • Prof. Paul Cahill (lead) (School of Biotechnology) for project “ACE-2 primed human MSCs-derived extracellular vesicles (EVs) to treat critically ill Covid-19 patients”. DCU Collaborators include Prof. Christine Loscher (School of Biotechnology) and Dr Dermot Walls (School of Biotechnology)
  • Dr Jane Suiter (lead) (School of Communications) for project “The COVID-19 Irish Citizens’ Online Forum”. DCU Collaborators include Dr Anastasia Deligiaouri (School of Communications/FuJo), Laura Grehan (DCU ADAPT), Clare Conran (SFI ADAPT)
  • Dr Emmanuel Ekoi (lead) (School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering/I-Form) for project “Applying surface engineering to PPEs in the fight against Covid-19” (award transferred from UCD)
  • Prof. Dermot Brabazon (co-lead, UCD leading) (School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering/I-Form) for project “COVID-19 Rapid Response Digital Manufacturing & Innovation Hub”
  • Dr Rohit Mishra (collaborator, TU Dublin leading) (School of Physics/FPC) for project “AptaGold – A rapid saliva-based COVID-19 screening assay"


Froebel Trust Awards

Congratulations to Prof. Mathias Urban and Dr Jones Irwin on their successful Froebel Trust research grant awards.

  • Prof. Mathias Urban: “Froebelian Principles in the 21st Century: Play environments and play opportunities for young children experiencing stress”.
  • Dr Jones Irwin: “Childhood, Curriculum and Values - A Comparison Between Specific School Ethoi in Ireland and England”

The Froebel Trust received 41 applications from researchers in 19 different countries, with Mathias and Jones managing to secure two of the awards.