Research Newsletter - Issue 66: Events

GDPR & Data Protection for Researchers

Date: Wednesday, 29th September 11:00 - 13:00

Venue: Online Zoom Event 

The DCU Research Ethics Committee, in association with the DCU Data Protection Office, will host a workshop on Ethics and GDPR.  The aim of this workshop is to raise awareness around GDPR compliance in the context of the research ethics process.  The workshop will highlight the key considerations for researchers when collecting and processing personal data.  It will also cover how to address data protection and management aspects within the process of applying for institutional ethical approval.  

You can register to attend the workshop by following the link here.



Launch of Internal Peer Review Process for funding applications

Date: Monday, 4th October at 11:00

Venue: Online Zoom Event 

One of the most effective ways of increasing the quality of funding applications is through constructive critical feedback from other academics with domain expertise and experience of the funder or call.

The Research Development team have established a process to facilitate and organise the internal peer review of research grant applications for applicants wishing to avail of the depth of expertise in funding applications of their DCU colleagues. 

The main goals of this internal peer review process accessible to DCU researchers are:

  • To provide supports that will increase the level of high-quality peer review of funding applications in DCU
  • To increase the quality of DCU applications and ultimately the funding success rate
  • To increase the grant writing skills both the grant applicant and the internal reviewer 

This resource will be launched with a short information session on the 4th October at 11:00  

Researchers interested in learning more about this resource can register for the session here.