Research Newsletter - Issue 66: Spotlight

DCU Research Lifecycle Graphic

We are delighted to announce that the DCU Research Lifecycle Web Resource is now live.  


How can this resource help?

The resource has been designed to help researchers across the University, and those who support them, to navigate the DCU Research Lifecycle (from project idea to exploitation of results and everything in between), both clarifying processes and providing information on where to access supports and services. 

The lifecycle information is mapped out per project stage (as shown in the image above). To access the information you need just click on the relevant stage icon on the Lifecycle homepage.

You can use the resource to help answer questions such as:

  • Where do I find out about funding opportunities?
  • How do I open a research subcost account?
  • What is TORA and why do I need to submit my application through it?
  • Who will help me get a research agreement drawn up and signed?
  • Who do I contact if I need space for a research assistant?
  • Who can help me recruit a PhD student for my project?
  • What is DCU's PIC if I'm applying for EU funding?
  • My research account is closing and I have money left. Can I get an extension?
  • How do I know if I need ethical approval for my project?


How was this developed?

The resource is the culmination of a large-scale, 2-year project undertaken by members of the DCU Research team.  What can be seen as a complicated, involved, detailed, lengthy process has been clearly laid out and made navigable, providing guidance to all the supports available at each stage.  The resource clearly explains how things work, who to talk to and what happens next in relation to being involved in funded research in DCU. 

The responses from researchers and support staff carrying out the user testing have been, without exception, extremely complementary (96% scored the usefulness of the resource as 8, 9 or 10 out of 10).  The feedback confirms just how useful the resource will be in ensuring better use of time, reducing frustrations, improving the quality of research and chances of research funding success and maximising research impact. 

The project itself is a fantastic example of collaboration across the University.  The project team is comprised of members from each of the DCU Research units and involved extensive consultation and collaboration with hundreds researchers and support staff from all Faculties and relevant support units.  This engagement ensured that the needs of the research community were kept to the fore throughout the development of the resource.


How to access the resource?

We invite you to access the resource via the 'Support for Researchers' menu item on the DCU Research website or directly at


Contact us:

The members of the Research Lifecycle Project Team are Dr Helen Burke (Research Support), Dr Jane Carrigan (Research Development), Deirdre Donnelly (Research Infrastructure), Isabel Hidalgo (Research Support), Dr Eamonn McConnon (Research Development), Dr Sumona Mukherjee (Research Support) and Micheál Murphy (Research Project Administration). 

If you have any comments or queries you can contact us at