Research Newsletter - Issue 71: Good News

SFI - Defence Organisation Challenge award (concept phase)

 Congratulations to Dr Anna Donnla O’Hagan (School of Health and Human Performance) on being awarded the SFI - Defence Organisation Challenge award (concept phase) to conduct the project entitled “Machine Learning & Virtual Reality for Sustainable & Effective Pilot Training”. Dr O’Hagan is a Co-Investigator on this project which is led by UCD.

The project focuses on the challenge of machine learning and virtual reality for sustainable and effective pilot training and the proposed solution is to develop novel machine learning approaches to identify the characteristics of airmanship from the data generated within virtual reality simulation environments. The team includes experts in machine learning and behavioural psychology as well as an SME partner and stakeholders within the Irish Air Corps.



Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership - Good Practice Award

The Erasmus+ FRONTIERS project,  jointly coordinated by Dr Margaret Farren and Dr Yvonne Crotty, from the School of STEM Education, Innovation & Global Studies, received the Good Practice award in its final evaluation. The project was described as 'a successful, well managed and high-quality project focusing on a key priority area of Education – STEM...The overarching aim of FRONTIERS was to deliver impact by creating a network of teachers who would be able to bring Modern Science in the classroom and act as agents of change at a local, national and international level.' Despite the significant impact of COVID, 'project outcomes and initial objectives were all met and, in some cases, targets were exceeded'.

Find out more about FRONTIERS at the project website: