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Francesca Lorenzi is a lecturer at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Her teaching is primarily in the areas of Intercultural Education, Ethics and Values Education, Philosophy of Education and Curriculum Implementation ; Assessmentn and Feedback. She obtained a PhD in Education from the National University of Ireland, Maynooth with a thesis focusing on the role of dialogue in assessment and the democratisation of practices in education .Her current research expertise is in the area of Teaching and Learning with a specific focus on Assessment and Feedback and Educational Ethics. Since 2005 Francesca has published a range of articles, books and chapters relating to assessment, and ethics and distance education. Formerly she was Co-Chair of the BA in Humanities offered by Oscail the Distance Education Centre at Dublin City University. During this time she engaged in research and published on evaluation of distance education courses. She has presented her research on assessment at several national and international conferences. Her most recent project focussed on the evaluation of Fighting Words a creative writing initiative initiated by Irish writer Roddy Doyle and aimed at cultivating creativity particularly among disadvantaged school children. She has served as Research convenor for the School of Education Studies between 2013-2014.She is currently a member of Further Education and Training Research Centre (FETRC), of the Centre for Evaluation, Quality and Inspection (EQI), of the inter-disciplinary project EELF (Ethics Education through literature and film) and of the Regional Centre of Expertise in Education for Sustainable Development (RCE Dublin) based in DCU. Her specific research interests include but are not limited to dialogue in education, democratic and inclusive approaches to educational assessment, creativity in education, ethics in the classroom, values and identity in relation to education for sustainable development. 

Other Journal

Year Publication
2007 Lorenzi Francesca (2007) 'SPEL – Student Passport for eLearning: an integrated approach to assessment' .
2004 Francesca Lorenzi (2004) 'Preparing students for learning in an online word: an evaluation of the Student Passport to Elearning (SPEL) Model' .

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2020 Pipere A. Lorenzi. F (2020) 'The Dialogical Potential of Transdisciplinary Research: Challenges and Benefits'. World Futures, .
2019 Lorenzi F.;White I. (2019) 'Liminality in education: generating a creative space of encounter and dialogue between teachers and students within educational structures'. Pastoral Care in Education, .
2018 White, I., Lorenzi, F. & O’Higgins Norman, J. (2018) 'Fighting words as revolutionary pedagogy: a Freirean reading of young people’s experiences of a socially-engaged creative writing centre'. Pastoral Care in Education, .
2016 White, I;Lorenzi, F (2016) 'The development of a model of creative space and its potential for transfer from non-formal to formal education'. International Review of Education, 62 :771-790.
2016 Holland, C;Lorenzi, F;Hall, T (2016) 'Performance anxiety in academia: Tensions within research assessment exercises in an age of austerity'. Policy Futures in Education, 14 :1101-1116.
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2004 Lorenzi F., MacKeogh, K., Fox, S. (2004) 'Preparing students for learning in an online world: an evaluation of the Student Passport to Elearning (SPEL) Model'. European Journal of Distance Education - Volume 1 :NA-NA.

Commissioned Report

Year Publication
2014 Francesca Lorenzi (2014) An Evaluation of the Fighting Words creative writing model. Dublin: COMMREP

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2013 Lorenzi F.;Mackeogh K.;Fox S. (2013) 'Preparing Students for Learning in an Online World: An Evaluation of the Student Passport to eLearning (SPeL) Model' In:
2012 Justin Rami , Francesca Lorenzi (2012) 'A dialogical approach to developing professional competence in assessment ' In: Biggs, J. B. (1987) Student Approaches to Learning and Studying, Melbourne, Australian Council for Educational Research Biggs, J. B. (1996) Enhancing teaching through constructive alignment, Higher Education , 32, pp. 347-364 Biggs, J. B. & Tang, C. (1999) Teaching for quality learning at university: what the student does, McGrew-Hill, US Boud, D. (2000) Sustainable Assessment: rethinking assessment for the learning society, in Professional Education, 22 (2) 151-167 Bryan, C. & Clegg, K. (ed(Eds.). Sofia, Bulgaria : Sofia Univeristy.
2012 Francesca Lorenzi , Justin Rami (2012) 'A dialogical approach to developing professional competence in assessment' In: Sofia : Sofia University Press.
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2007 Lorenzi, F. and MacKeogh, K. (2007) 'SPEL-Student Passport for E-Learning: An Integrated Approach to Asssessment' In: O'Neill, G.; Huntley-Moore, S; Race, P(Eds.). Dublin : AISHE.

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2012 Rami Justin, Lorenzi Francesca (2012) ETEN - European Teacher Education Network The Development Holistic Professional Competence through assessment - Applying Constructivist and Reflective Assessment Practices In A Teacher-Training Programme Coimbra, Portugal, 19/04/2012-21/04/2012.
2009 Rami J. Lorenzi F (2009) ESAI conference Assessment for professional Competence Kilkenny, 02/04/2009-04/04/2009.
2009 Rami J. Lorenzi F & Lalor J. (2009) BERA (British Educational Research Association)Conference The application of constructivist practices in a teacher training programme: a tool for developing professional competencies Manchester, 02/09/2009-05/09/2009.
2007 Lorenzi F. 2007 AISHE Conference in NUI Maynooth, 30-31 August 2007 (2007) AISHE Conference Improving essay feedback practice in a distance education context. The difficult road to shared meaning NUI Maynooth, 30/08/2007-31/08/2007.
2017 Rami, J., Lalor, J., Tiernan, P., Lorenzi, F., O'kelly, J. (2017) ESAI 42nd Annual Conference Changing Research: working the spaces between education policy and practice Cascading support from practitioners to learners in FET: learning difficulties and other issues Cork, Ireland, .
2011 Rami, J. Lorenzi F. (2011) 36th Annual Conference ESAI (Education Studies Association of Ireland) Dialogical approaches to the learner/teacher relationship in teaching (and) assessment Dublin, 14/04/2011-16/04/2011.
2011 Lorenzi F. (2011) Annual Conference of the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain Assessment: Bringing ethics to the fore Oxford, UK, 01/04/2011-03/04/2011.
2010 Lorenzi F. (2010) Women in Philosophy of Education Ethics and Love in Philosophy of Education Edinburgh, 24/09/2010-26/09/2010.
2010 Rami J. Lorenzi F (2010) ESAI Conference Assessment without boundaries Dundalk, 25/03/2010-27/03/2010.
2010 Rami J. Lorenzi F. (2010) ECER (European Conference of Educational Research) Assessing the Assessment Helsinki, 24/08/2010-26/08/2010.
2009 Rami J. Lorenzi F. (2009) ECER (European Conference of Educational Research) Assessment for the development of professional competence Vienna, 25/09/2009-27/09/2009.
2006 Kay MacKeogh Lorenzi Francesca (2006) EADTU Annual Conference Embedded Approach to Learning to Learn Online Strategies to Increase Student Retention through Developing Student-based Competence Tallin Estonia, 23/11/2006-24/11/2006.
2004 Lorenzi Francesca MacKeogh Kay Fox Seamus (2004) EDEN (European Distance Education Network) Research Workshop Preparing students for learning in an online word: an evaluation of the Student Passport to Elearning (SPEL) Model Oldenburg, Germany, 15/02/2004-16/02/2004.
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International Network of Philsophers of Education Member -
PESGB Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain Member 01/01/2010 -
AISHE Member 01/12/2007 - 01/12/2009
Education Studies Association of Ireland Member 01/03/2010 - 01/03/2012

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President's Award for Excellence in Teaching Nominee
DCU HSS travel award
President's Award for Excellence in Teaching Nominee


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Faculty Research Committee 01/09/2013 - 31/12/1999
Joint DCU/MDI Master in Ethics Development Board 01/12/2009 - 01/06/2010
Oscail Quality Review Committee 01/12/2005 - 30/09/2006


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University of Bologna Bachelor of Arts
Trinity College M.Phil.
NUI Maynooth Doctor of Philosophy

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Consultancy Glasnevin Educate Together National School Member of Board of Management

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2022 Professional Development & Lifelong Learning ES328
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