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Marnie Holborow, Associate Faculty in the School of Applied Language and Intercultural Studies at Dublin City University, has written widely on politics and language. She has held visiting scholar positions at Hunter College, New York and San Francisco State University, and at City University of New York. She is author of The Politics of English, of chapters and articles on neoliberalism and applied linguistics, austerity politics and higher education in Ireland, the legacy of Raymond Williams and on conflicting interpretations of the political keyword, Brexit. She contributed the first entry of Neoliberalism for the Wiley Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics. Her most recent book is Language and Neoliberalism (Routledge 2015). Her most recent book chapter is 'Language Skills and Human Capital: Challenging the neoliberal frame' in Wallace, O'Regan and Gray, Education and the Discourse of Global Neoliberalism (Routledge 2020) other recent journal articles discuss Marxist understandings of language.Currently she is researching the position of women's work in late capitalism.

Other Journal

Year Publication
2019 Marnie Holborow (2019) 'The politics of the family today' (22) :37-44. Link
2018 Marnie Holborow (2018) 'Ireland's Abortion Victory' 160 :19-38. Link
2018 Marnie Holborow (2018) 'Taking on the sexist System: Repeal and the fight for real change' 20 :40-47. Link


Year Publication
2015 Marnie Holborow (2015) Language and Neoliberalism. : Routledge.
2013 David Block, Marnie Holborow and John Gray (2013) Neoliberalism and Applied Linguistics. London: Routledge.
1999 Marnie Holborow (1999) The Politics of English: A Marxist View of Language. : Sage Publications.

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2018 Marnie Holborow (2018) 'Language Skills as Human Capital? Challenging the neoliberal frame'. Language and Intercultural Communication, 18 (5):520-532.
2018 Holborow, Marnie (2018) 'Language commodification and labour: the relevance of Marx'. Language Sciences, .
2016 Marnie Holborow (2016) 'Neoliberal Keywords, Political Economy and the Relevance of Ideology'. Key Words Journal of the Raymond Williams Society, 14 :38-53. Link
2013 Marnie Holborow (2013) 'Applied Linguistics in the Neoliberal University: Ideological Keywords and Social Agency'. Applied Linguistics Review, 4 :229-257.
2012 Holborow, M. (2012) 'Neoliberalism, Human Capital and the Skills Agenda in Education: the Irish Case'. JOURNAL FOR CRITICAL EDUCATION POLICY STUDIES, 1 :93-111.
2007 Holborow, M (2007) 'Language, Ideology and Neoliberalism'. Journal of Language and Politics, 6 :51-73.
2007 Holborow, M (2007) 'Language, ideology and neoliberalism'. Journal of Language and Politics, 6 :51-73.
2006 Holborow, M (2006) 'Putting the social back into Language: Marx, Volosinov and Vygotsky reexamined'. STUDIES IN LANGUAGE AND CAPITALISM, Vol 1 .

Book Review

Year Publication
2018 Marnie Holborow (2018) Review of Social Reproduction Theory by Tithi Bhattacharya. BREV Link


Year Publication
2013 Block D.;Holborow M.;Gray J. (2013) Acknowledgements. ED

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2017 Marnie Holborow and John O'Sullivan (2017) 'Hollow Enterprise: Austerity Ireland and the Neoliberal University' In: London : Bloomsbury. Link
2015 Marnie Holborow (2015) 'Neoliberalism' In: Editor-in-Chief:Carol A. Chapelle, Distinguished Professor of TESL/applied linguistics at Iowa State University(Eds.). New Jersey, USA : John Wiley & Sons.
2013 David Block, Marnie Holborow and John Gray (2013) 'Introduction' In: London : Routledge.
2013 Marnie Holborow (2013) 'Neoliberal keywords and the contradictions of an ideology' In: London : Routledge.
2013 Holborow M. (2013) 'What is neoliberalism?: Discourse, ideology and the real world' In: Neoliberalism And Applied Linguistics.
2006 Holborow, M (2006) 'Language and Ideology; Interconnections between English and Neo-liberalism' In: Julian Edge (ed)(Eds.). Basingstoke, Hampshire UK : Palgrave, Macmillan.


Year Publication
2017 Marnie Holborow (2017) A return to class: review of the journal Catalyst. Dublin: ABST Link
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American Association of Appllied Linguistics 01/01/2012 - 01/01/2013
International Association of Applied Linguistics (AILA) 01/08/2011 - 01/08/2012

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President's Award for Teaching and Learning 2009-2010
Nominated President's Award for Teaching and Learning 2014


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Association de Linguistique Applique (AILA) -
Amercian Association of Applied Linguists - 31/12/1999
British Association of Applied Lingustics (BAAL) -


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Supervision MA by Research University of Damascus students 1990
Supervision PHD Students in University of Bethlehen 1991
Advisor on material for publication for Cambridge University Press 2010
Reviewer of Article for IALIC publication 2005
Reviewer of EFL material Gill and Macmillan
Reviewer for Cambridge University Press 2010

Research Interests

World Englishes; Language and neoliberalism; ideology and language; Marxism and language.

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