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Robert Forster holds the Personal Chair of Physical Chemistry within the School of Chemical Sciences at Dublin City University and is the former Director of the strategically important National Centre for Sensor research.  In 2020 he was elected to the Royal Irish Academy which is considered the highest academic honour in Ireland. He is the author/co-author of more than 250 manuscripts and reviews, supervised more than 37 PhD and M.Sc. students to completion, mentored more than 50 Post-Doctoral Fellows and has been a Visiting Scientist to the California Institute of Technology and the University of California at Berkeley.  He has served as DCU Dean of Research and Associate Dean of the Faculty of Science and Health with responsibility for research.  He has received the President’s Research Award and was the first Irish based electrochemist to present an invited talk at the Gordon Research Conference on Electrochemistry.  He has contributed invited articles to more than eight Festschrift Issues celebrating the accomplishments of distinguished international scientists.  He is a member of the Editorial Board of Electrochemical Communications ( ) and has been a member of the Board for ACS Analytical Chemistry A-Pages. He has been deeply involved in major national research programmes including the establishment of the National Centre for Sensor Research, the Biomedical Diagnostics Institute, the National Biophotonics and Imaging Platform and the NanoBioAnalytical Research Facility at DCU.


Year Publication
2018 Jose, B;O'Toole, S;Forster, R;O'Leary, J (2018) Intelligent Nanorockets With Targeted, Propulsive And Continuous Sensing Capacity. NEW YORK: ABST
2018 Raoof, R;Bauer, S;El Naggar, H;Brennan, G;Hill, T;Brindley, E;Connolly, N;McArdle, H;Spain, E;Forster, R;Prehn, J;Hamer, H;Delanty, N;Rosenow, F;Mooney, C;Henshall, D (2018) Dual-Center, Dual-Platform Microrna Profiling Identifies Plasma Biomarkers of Adult Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. HOBOKEN: ABST
2018 Jose, B;O'Toole, S;Forster, R;O'Leary, J (2018) Intelligent Nanorockets With Targeted, Propulsive And Continuous Sensing Capacity. NEW YORK: ABST

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2013 Spain E.;Keyes T.;Forster R. (2013) 'DNA sensor based on vapour polymerised pedot films functionalised with gold nanoparticles'. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 41 (1):65-70.
2018 Yaqub M.;Walsh J.;Laffir F.;Olstoorn P.;Kailas L.;Forster R.;Keyes T.;Vagin M.;McCormac T. (2018) 'Polypyrrole entrapped 18-molybdodisulphate anion for the detection of hydrogen peroxide'. Electrochimica Acta, 287 :78-86.
2017 McArdle H.;Jimenez-Mateos E.;Raoof R.;Carthy E.;Boyle D.;Elnaggar H.;Delanty N.;Hamer H.;Dogan M.;Huchtemann T.;Körtvelyessy P.;Rosenow F.;Forster R.;Henshall D.;Spain E. (2017) 'TORNADO-Theranostic One-Step RNA Detector; Microfluidic disc for the direct detection of microRNA-134 in plasma and cerebrospinal fluid'. Scientific Reports, 7 (1).
2018 Raoof R.;Bauer S.;El Naggar H.;Connolly N.;Brennan G.;Brindley E.;Hill T.;McArdle H.;Spain E.;Forster R.;Prehn J.;Hamer H.;Delanty N.;Rosenow F.;Mooney C.;Henshall D. (2018) 'Dual-center, dual-platform microRNA profiling identifies potential plasma biomarkers of adult temporal lobe epilepsy'. Ebiomedicine, .
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2019 Jose B.;Vijayaraghavan R.;Kent L.;O'Toole S.;O'Leary J.;Forster R. (2019) 'Tunable metallic nanostructures using 3D printed nanosphere templates'. Electrochemistry Communications, 98 :106-109.
2019 Baradoke A.;Jose B.;Pauliukaite R.;Forster R. (2019) 'Properties of Anti-CA125 antibody layers on screen-printed carbon electrodes modified by gold and platinum nanostructures'. Electrochimica Acta, 306 :299-306.
2003 Williams E.;Pividori M.;Merkoçi A.;Forster R.;Alegret S. (2003) 'Rapid electrochemical genosensor assay using a streptavidin carbon-polymer biocomposite electrode'. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 19 (3):165-175.
2003 Hjelm J.;Handel R.;Hagfeldt A.;Constable E.;Housecraft C.;Forster R. (2003) 'Conducting Polymers Containing In-Chain metal centers: Homogeneous Charge Transport through a Quaterthienyl-Bridged {Os(tpy)2} Polymer'. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 107 (38):10431-10439.
2007 Bertoncello P.;Dennany L.;Forster R.;Unwin P. (2007) 'Nafion-tris(2-2′-bipyridyl)ruthenium(II) ultrathin Langmuir-Schaefer films: Redox catalysis and electrochemiluminescent properties'. Analytical Chemistry, 79 (19):7549-7553.
2019 Kenny A.;McArdle H.;Calero M.;Rabano A.;Madden S.;Adamson K.;Forster R.;Spain E.;Prehn J.;Henshall D.;Medina M.;Jimenez-Mateos E.;Engel T. (2019) 'Elevated plasma microRNA-206 levels predict cognitive decline and progression to dementia from mild cognitive impairment'. Biomolecules, 9 (11).

Review Articles

Year Publication
2003 Rusling J.;Forster R. (2003) Electrochemical catalysis with redox polymer and polyion-protein films. REV


Year Publication
2018 Martin-Loeches, I;Forster, R;Prina-Mello, A (2018) Intensive care medicine in 2050: nanotechnology. Emerging technologies and approaches and their impact on critical care. NEW YORK: ED

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2007 Forster R.;Keyes T. (2007) 'Behavior of ultramicroelectrodes' In: Handbook Of Electrochemistry.
2007 Forster R.;Keyes T. (2007) 'Microelectrode applications' In: Handbook Of Electrochemistry.

Conference Publication

Year Publication
2013 Valenti G.;O'Reilly E.;McNally A.;Keyes T.;Marcaccio M.;Paolucci F.;Forster R. (2013) ChemPlusChem
2015 Nwankire C.;Venkatanarayanan A.;Forster R.;Ducrée J. (2015) MicroTAS 2015 - 19th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences
2005 Forster R.;Dennany L.;Seery M.;Keyes T. (2005) Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering Luminescence properties of metallopolymer-gold nanoparticle composites
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