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Dónal Mulligan is a lecturer and researcher at Dublin City University's School of Communications, where he works on interdisciplinary digital research topics, and teaches on a range of modules related to digital media analysis, design and production.
His doctoral research focussed on the study of Irish political discourse on Twitter, amongst which the 2015 Marriage Referendum was a major case study. He is interested in how identity and political discourse are mediated in the structured conversational spaces of social media, and how the emergent field of computational social science addresses and answers these issues with new methodologies. Especially relevant here are the application and development of ethics in digital research.
Dónal Mulligan is a member of the RIA Irish Humanities Alliance board, and working group on Digital Humanities. He has co-founded and is currently a committee member of DCU's Interdisciplinary Digital Research Group, more details on which are available at: hybridresearch.org 
He was a co-investigator (2015 - 2017) on an Erasmus+ project investigating the use and efficacy of tablet technologies in the European classroom, and maintains a research interest in the effective use of communicative media technologies in educational settings.

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2020 O'Sullivan, G; Chew, D; Kenny, G; Hendrichs, I; Mulligan, D (2020) 'The trace element composition of apatite and its application to detrital provenance studies'. Earth-Science Reviews, 201 . Link

Conference Publication

Year Publication
2018 Mulligan, Dónal (2018) Innovations and Design in Online and Blended Learning (EdTech 2018) Developing an online peer review tool for university group project based assessment Ireland, Link
2017 Mulligan, Dónal (2017) Queering Ireland 2017: 19th Annual USC Comparative Literature Conference . In: Madden, E eds. Social change, 140 characters at a time: A Bourdieusian analysis of the discourse of topical Irish political discourse on Twitter Columbia, South Carolina,
2015 Mulligan, Dónal (2015) Fifth Annual Postgraduate Conference in Humanities and Education Tracking Twitter: Quantitative methodological imperatives derived from qualitative interviewing

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2018 Mulligan, Dónal (2018) 'Humour, Satire & Counter-Discourse around Ireland's 2015 Marriage Referendum Online: An Analysis of #MarRef' In: Oxford; New York : Peter Lang.

Discussion Paper

Year Publication
2017 Mulligan, Dónal; Judge, Miriam (2017) Systematic evaluation of educational apps: The MICOOL App Rubric. Dublin, Ireland: DP Link

Book Review

Year Publication
2010 Mulligan, Dónal (2010) Queer Notions: New Plays and Performances from Ireland. Alberta, Canada: BREV Link

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2015 Mulligan, Dónal; Duffy, Mel (2015) Xth IASSCS Conference International Association for the Study of Sexuality, Culture & Society, 10th International Conference Dublin, Ireland, 17/06/2016-20/09/2016.
2016 Mulligan, Dónal (2016) Campaigning for Change: campaign and communications tools and strategies YesEquality and VoteWithUs.org: insights on effective social media communications strategy for social change Dublin, Ireland, .
2015 Mulligan, Dónal (2015) Xth IASSCS Conference International Association for the Study of Sexuality, Culture & Society, 10th International Conference Dublin, Ireland, 17/06/2015-20/06/2015.
2016 Mulligan, Dónal (2016) Non-Violent Resistance: SOFEIR Annual International Conference 2016 Satire and humour in #marref discourse Dublin, Ireland, .
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Honors and Awards

Date Title Awarding Body
01/05/2017 President's Award for Distinctive Approaches to Assessment & Feedback DCU President's Awards for Excellence in Teaching


Committee Function From / To
Uaneen Module Member of the committee responsible for the development and administration of DCU's module recognising and awarding credit for excellence in extra-curricular activity and in associated learning. 01/10/2008 -


Start date Institution Qualification Subject
Dublin City University PhD

Outreach Activities

Year Engagement Type Organisation Description
Educational Outreach/Public Engagement RIA Irish Humanities Alliance Board Member, DCU Representative

Research Interests

Digital Research Methods, Digital Research Ethics, Interdisciplinary Research, Online activism, Political Discourse on Twitter, Technology in Education

Current Postgraduate Students

Student Name Degree Supervision
Powers ,J Clark PhD Supervisor

Teaching Interests

  • Interactive & Responsive Media Production
  • Digital Mediated Communication, especially data literacy and communications
  • Programming and Design for engaging Interactivity
  • Pedagogy & Teaching Practice for Practical & Production Modules
  • Group-based Assessment Strategies & Good Practice
  • Interdisciplinary Approaches in Digital T&L

Modules Coordinated

Term Title Subject
2022 Responsive Media CM142
2022 Interactive Applications CM287
2022 Project Development CM3790