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I am a lecturer in ESOL and Itercultural Studies.


Year Publication
2010 Toal, M. (2010) Access 1 & Access 2 Portfolio. : Madrid: Pearson/Longman.
2007 Gallagher, F. & Toal, M. (2007) Energy 2 DVD: A Tale of Two Friends workbook. : Pearson Longman.

Conference Publication

Year Publication
2009 Payne, D. & Toal, M. (2009) 5th China – Europe International Symposium on Software Industry Orientated Education . In: Wu, B. & Bourriėres, J-P. London: ISTE Ltd and USA: Wiley& Sons eds. Detecting plagiarism: Do software packages help?

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2015 Toal, M. (2015) Anthropological Association of Ireland. Permanence & Transition: Anthropological Perspectives Identity formation: second-generation Irish adult returnees University College Cork, 07/03/2015-.
2000 Martin Toal (2000) English Teachers Symposium Learning styles in the ESOL classroom Coimbra, Portugal, .
2009 Payne, D. & Toal, M. (2009) Detecting plagiarism: Do software packages help?5th China – Europe International Symposium on Software Industry Orientated Education University of Bordeaux, France, 25/05/2009-27/05/2009.
2009 Toal, M. (2009) The Acquisition of Intercultural Communicative Competence: Language learning from an Intercultural Perspective. Interfaces in Language 2- Challenging Orthodoxies in Linguistics. Centre for Language and Linguistic Studies. University of Kent, 05/05/2009-07/05/2009.
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Research Interests

Second – generation 'returnees' cross- cultural adaptation experiences on relocating to Ireland and returnees' perceptions of the host community’s attitude towards them. Modern Language Teaching, in particular the acquisition of Intercultural Communicative Competence in the ESOL classroom; ESOL; Intercultural competence within non-profit homeless organisations; Discourse Analysis; Language Teaching Methodologies; International students’ perceptions of what constitutes plagiarism and the role of software packages in the prevention of plagiarism.

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2022 English Oral Skills Advanced EN321